Street Fighter IV was the Street Fighter sequel, fans waited many years for, and while it was critizised to have a character roster like it is Street Fighter 2,5 (SFII roster + some new faces) without even one Street Fighter III character it got a warm welcome wordlwide and was a massive success which helped reviving the fighting game genre which became quite niche.

SFIV introduced 4 new playable characters with El Fuerte, Rufus, Abel and Crimson Viper to the series in the arcade version. The new boss Seth as well as the hidden boss Gouken (Ryu & Ken’s Master) were made unlockable characters in the console version which got six more characters with Gen, Rose, Sakura, Cammy, Dan and Fei Long

There are hundreds of fans who drew Street Fighter IV and its characters, some in the ink style, similar to the official SFIV illustrations, some in other styles. In this gallery we try to show you some of the more unique or just really good artworks by fans about the game and its characters.


Selected and featured Street Fighter IV Fan Art:

All characters from Street Fighter IV fan art by Tovio Rogers

Street Fighter IV

by Tovio Rogers

Four New Challengers Street Fighter IV Game Fan Art Abel Crimson Viper Rufus El Fuerte by ScorpionBlaze

The new SFIV Challengers

by Filipe Aguiar



Fan Art about the Street Fighter IV Characters:

Only up to three fan arts per character are displayed here, the others are found in the character related galleries including official art, cosplays and sprite art.

Abel, one of the four new playable characters in SFIV uses the Sambo fighting style, does not know who he really is, believes he is French but most likely Russian, he seems to know Charlie who is missing in action since years.

His design was inspired by TinTin and previously very different.

The Abel GA-HQ Gallery includes over 20 artworks including Sprite Art of him as well as over 20 official artworks & concept sketches by Capcom.

Abel SFIV Realistic by Samuel Cazetta Street_Fighter_IV ABEL art by_Jiggeh Abel SF Street Fighter by Metalhanzo
Akuma SF Akuma-SFA-Art-by-Oscar-Celestini

Akuma Gouki Sculpt by Robert Mellis

Akuma, the “Raging Demon” and master of the Satsui no Hado feels how it reemerges with Ryu and wants him to realize this power to make him a worthy opponent. Akuma does not enter the tournament officially and stays in the shadows to keep an eye on it and Ryu.

He finds Ryu being unconsciousand guarded by his own brother, Gouken. This leads to a fight between the two about Ryu. Akuma as well as Gouken survive it, and Gouken saved Ryu. Akuma will again search for other worthy opponents.

The Akuma Gallery includes 15 fan arts as well as 13 official artworks

 Balrog from the USA, also known as “Boxer” because the old name switching by Capcom returned and almost all he cares for is ..Fight Money. Like the most returned SF characters, his design did not change and his gameplay is very similar to SFII as well.

In SFIV he works for M.Bison again, but tries to get rich by searching treasures in the S.I.N Building..where he meets a girl with glowing hands which makes him believe the girl could be valuable for him later..he takes her with him.

The Balrog Gallery includes 8 fan art pieces as well as 9 official Artworks

Balrog SF Tribute thumb Balrog SF and Freddie Roach Balrog SF by Arie Prajoedi
Blanka Street Fighter 25th Tribute Blanka (SF) from Brazil as Baby by Julio Gloom Blanka Female Version

Blanka from Brazil looks like usual in Street Fighter IV.

After finding his mother (SFII ending) he leaves her and travels to Hong Kong together with Dan Hibiki. Because travelling with Dan means to get respected easily…

The Blanka Gallery includes 7 fan arts as well as 5 official illustrations

Cammy White from England is investigating S.I.N and works together with Sgt. Guile and Chun Li.

They found out that Ryu is the target of S.I.N, Cammy gets beaten up and tortured by Crimson Viper, flees and sees Seth escaping with an helicopter.

We have multiple galleries of Cammy White since there are so many images of her.

Fan Art  Gallery 1 25 Cammy Fan Arts
Official Art Cosplay Gallery


Cammy White Pin Up Art by_vandrell Cammy White Art by Vincent Vernacatola Cammy White in Bison Clothes
Chun Li by Stanley Artgerm Lau chun_li sf street fighter alpha by Oscar Celestini Chun Li SFIV Costume by Dan Howard

 Chun Li from China returns to be a cop  and works again for Interpole together with Cammy and Guile after she hears from Guile that Shadaloo might be back .

Her goal is to destroy S-I-N and discover what really happend to M.Bison

We have multiple galleries of Chun Li since there are so many images of her.

 Fan Art , Official Art and Cosplays


 Crimson Viper from the USA is employed by S.I.N officially but works for an American intelligence agency actually.

She wears a battle suit which allows her to compete with the powerful other characters of Street Fighter IV.

She attacks Ryu before the tournament but the battle is interrupted by Cammy White…

The Crimson Viper Gallery includes 6 fan arts as well as 3 official artworks

Crimson Viper Street Fighter Girl CRIMSON VIPER Street Fighter IV Pin Up C. Viper Street Fighter Art by Rob Crump
Evil-Dan Dan Hibiki Art by Jaime Herrera Dan Hibiki Art by Francis Lim

 Dan Hibiki from Hong Kong, the joke character of the Street Fighter series jins the S.I.N tournament to spread the popularity of his Saikyō style in the world.

He ends up bumping into Blanka and gets saved by Ryu and Sakura short before the S.I.N building explodes. Dan tells the others it was him who rescued everyone and makes his exit…


The Dan Hibiki Gallery includes 5 fan arts and 7 official artworks currently.

Dhalsim from India joins the tournament because S.I.N build a dam upstream which would cause thirst in his village.

He does not want to use his powers for his own good but sees no other way to help his people and family.

The dam base gets destroyed at the end of the game and he can return happy.

The Dhalsim Gallery includes 6 fan artworks and 9 official artworks.

Dhalsim Udon Tribute Art by Oscar Celestini Dhalsim Street Fighter Tribute by_omegaclarens Street Fighter Dhalsim Fan Art by Dyl' Cook
Edmondo Honda SF by Arie Prajoedi HONDA-SF-Tribute-by-Stlemon Honda (SF) Art

E.Honda from Japan joins the S.I.N tournament to make Sumo Wrestling more popular and show the world the strenght of his sport.

The E.Honda Gallery includes 4 fan arts and 5 official artworks

El Fuerte from Mexico is a chef and also a lucha libre wrestlers who wants to know what his opponents in the tournament eat and to test his own fighting skills.

His Street Fighter IV ending is quite funny so i don’t want to spoil it.

He is almost another joke character after Dan, and seems to be based on Rey Mysterio for a good part, his fighting style is funny too.

The El Fuerte Gallery has only our two SF Anniversary Art Tribute submissions as well as only one official artwork yet.

El Fuerte Game Art HQ El Fuerte
Fei Long Art by Arie Prajoedi Fei-Long-SF-Tribute-by-Benscott81

Fei Long from Hong Kong returns to find out if S.I.N is being the injuries of multiple actors and other film crew members he was working with.

The Fei Long Gallery includes 3 fan arts as well as 3 official artworks

 Gen, a Kung Fu expert from China is a former Assassin and was also a friend and trainer of Chun Li’s father.

While his old body is weak, he joins the tournament to find strong opponents and also to make sure the daughter of his friend will be safe during the S.I.N tournament.

The Gen Gallery includes 5 fan arts and 3 official artworks

Gen Street Fighter by Andreas Holzendorf Gen SF Anniversary gen-street-fighter-game-cha
Gouken SF Tribute by Bao Ngoc VU Gouken (SF) by Andreas Holzendorf

According to his backgroundstory Gouken from Japan was in coma for around 2 years and buried already..but he woke up and enters the Tournament to look for his students Ryu and Ken..

To the dissapointment of Akuma, he can seal the Hadou no Satsui in Ryu.

The Gouken Gallery includes only  2 fan arts and 1 official artwork yet

 Guile from the USA who learned his fighting style from his best friend Charlie Nash who was missing in action after facing M.Bison before.

Guile wanted revenge but realized that he would be no better than M.Bison himself if he would kill him. Instead he starts to investigate the S.I.N tournament together with Chun Li to find out whats up with the rumors about Shadaloo rising again.

 The Guile Gallery includes 4 fan arts and 10 official artworks.

Guile SF Tribute entry by_shakabraw Guile Street Fighter Art  
Ken Masters SF Alpha by LAI6 ken masters street_fighter game character fan art by_chekydotstudio Ken Masters Flaming ShoRyuKen by M. Ansar Ali

Ken Masters from the USA is Ryu’s best friend, they are also rivals and Ryu offered him a re-match at the tournament. Ken’s wife Eliza is pregnant and Ken did not want to join the tournament  because of her, but after Eliza herself encouraged him too, he decided to take off.

He is going to meet a weird guy by the name Rufus who calls him his ultimate rival..


The Ken Masters Gallery includes 7 fan arts and 10 official artworks.

 M.Bison was defeated in the second Street Fighter tournament, which meant also the fall of Shadaloo, but scientists constructed him a new body which would withstand the full strenght of his psycho power.

M.Bison joins the S.I.N tournament to reclaim his spot at the top of Shadaloo and continue his plans.

The M.Bison Gallery includes 11 fan arts and 8 official artworks.

M.Bison Badass Art by_josh summana Street Fighter M.Bison project by marvin000 M.Bison SF Animated Movie Style by_shadaloo1989
sf_tribute-Rose_by_matiasso Rose Street Fighter Art by_Vandrell Rose Street Fighter Girl

Rose from Italy is a fortuneteller and soul-mate of M.Bison. They share the same soul with his being corrupt and hers being the pure half.

Bison managed to control her, but after his defeat she came to herself but could not remember what happend during  the time when she was controlled. She joins the tournament to finish M.Bison forever.


The Rose Gallery includes 10 fan arts and 3 official artworks.


 Rufus from the USA is one of the new characters in Street Fighter IV and joins the tournament to defeat Ken Masters who was called America’s best fighter in an article. His girlfriend Candy suggests that he would confront and beat Ken front of an audience so people would know who the really best fighter is.


The Rufus Gallery includes 4 fan arts and 2 official artworks.

Rufus-SF-Tribute  rufus_25th_anniversary_trib
Ryu (Street Fighter) Ryu (SF) Art

Ryu from Japan who trained together with Ken Masters in his youth, joins the S.I.N tournament to master his skills and find worthy opponents as usual. He meets Skaura Kasugano as well as old rivals like Sagat and eventually defeats the holder of the tournament Seth in the S.I.N Headquarters.

He is going to meet Akuma again as well…

The Ryu Gallery includes 12 fan arts and 14 official artworks.


 Sagat from Thailand is a national hero there, but he once lost to Ryu in the first World Warrior Tournament.

The burning pain of the wound on his chest and in his soul made him join Shadaloo and M.Bison but he left after realizing M.Bisons crazy plans.

After a long training in Thailand he hopes to get a chance to defeat Ryu in the S.I.N Tournament

The Sagat Gallery includes 11 fan arts and 9 official artworks.


Sagat-SF-Tribute-1 Sagat-Boss-Tribute-1 SF-Tribute-Ryu-vs-Sagat
Sakura Fan Art Sakura_Street Fighter

Sakura Kasugano a schoolgirl from Japan is a big fan of Ryu and hopes he would train her.

He told her that he himself has a lot more to learn and can not take a student (yet).

Now that there isa new big tournament, Sakura enters it in the hope to meet Ryu again


The Sakura Kasugano Gallery includes 9 fan arts and 8 official artworks.

 Seth is a clone and as intelligent as the Dicator M.Bison himself. He plans to control whats left of Shadaloo after M.Bison seems to be dead and wants to lure Ryu into the new World Warriors tournament to use his Satsui No Hado for his own evil plans.


The Seth Gallery  includes 1 fan art and 1 official artwork.

seth street fighter iv boss sf tribute by_z3dd    
  Vega Street Fighter by Arman Akopian Vega Street Fighter Fan Art by Lixin Wang

Vega from Spain the crazy and narcisstic Claw fighter returns to Shadaloo and works for S.I.N as an assassin with the personal goal to steal their technology and secrets with the hope he could use it to clone himself and stay young and beautiful.

 The Vega Gallery  includes 6 fan arts and 9 official artworks.

 Zangief from Russia, the “Red Cyclone” enters the S.I.N  Tournament to show the young people that he still “Got it” and that Prodessional Wrestling is better than the other martial arts, in the end he is holding Seth in a headlock for the TV cameras and the kids are cheering…

 The Zangief Gallery  includes 4 fan arts and 6 official artworks.

Zangief-SF-Tribute-1  Zangief Street Fighter by Arman Akopian Zangief-SF-Tribute-2 

 * Numbers of the fan art items were last updated in September 2013