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Gouken my Entry
Well, although I never really had to play Gouken in the Streetfighter IV series I chose him because Gouken is an experienced and mighty Martial Arts master who used to teach Ryu, Ken and Dan. I think one of the reason why I have chosen Gouken is because he is one of the mightiest Characters in the StreetFighter franchise. I hope you do enjoy this great StreetFighter Tribute Project.

I wanted Gouken to look very fierce and mighty but in the same way as an old (wise … well more or less). The basic Idea was to do a sort of dynamic stance of him and since I do like drawing details I decided to do a more close up perspective of him.

So I started sculpting Gouken in Zbrush doing the minor work which took me around 10 hours more or less. Doing the details was a rather difficult task since I could not really decide how many details I would draw without harming the basic concept sculpting. My intention was to make a more realistic design of him which I think I did pretty okay. (postwork in photoshop cs5 spent like 5-7hours)

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