VG Character Name Game or Game Series Game-Art-HQ Art Projects Art made by the Creators Art made by Fans Cosplays of the Character
Zack Fair Final Fantasy VII     Fan Art  
Zafina Tekken Series   Official Art    
Zaki Rival Schools Series     Fan Art  
Zangetsu Final Fantasy IV: The After Years   Official Art    
Zangief Street Fighter Series Street Fighter Tribute 6 Official Art 4 Fan Art  
Zant LoZ Twilight Princess Link’s Blacklist      
Zarak WeaponLord     Fan Art  
Zasalamel SoulCalibur Series   Official Art Fan Art  
Zell Dincht  Final Fantasy VIII     Fan Art  
Zer0 Borderlands 2   2 Official Illustrations   1 Cosplay Photo
Zero MegaMan Series   Official Art Fan Art  
Zero King of Fighters Series   Official Art    
Zidane Tribal Final Fantasy IX   Official Art Fan Art  
Zipperhead     Screenshots 1 Fan Art  
Zombie Soldiers and Marines Doom Series

We Are Doom

20th Anniversary

Zorn WeaponLord     Fan Art  
Zoroark Pokemon Series     Fan Art  
Zorua Pokemon Series     Fan Art  
Zwei SoulCalibur V   Official Art Fan Art  
Zyra, rise of thorns League of Legends     Fan Art