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El Fuerte my Entry
Big wrestling fan as a kid. I like seeing the high flying moves of lucha libre translated into fighting games and El Fuerte is great at that.

About my entry. Went for the pissed off look. Included the chef outfit with the colors of Mexico.

Wanted him to look like hes roughed up and ready for another round.

Really glad GBK666 asked me to participate because if he didnt i would have never tried this approach to painting. It was a lot of fun.


El Fuerte SF Anniversary Tribute by_lawli83

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El Fuerte his Entry

El Fuerte, a bit unusual and unpredictable, this makes him a great character to practice with.

He’s like an underdog in a sense of most people don’t look to him as their first choice, he’s the epitome of big things in a small package!

I like El Fuerte because of his strengths, speed, and agility, easily hands down one of the best wrestlers Capcom has brought to the world of Street Fighter.

I enjoyed working on this project and I hope on lookers will enjoy it to!

This is a bit different then my usual, I decided to go lineless with El Fuerte and to do that successfully I had to add more layers then usual.

I love the way it came out because I’m normally not the comedic guy when it comes to my art but because of who it is, I felt like it was best. El Fuerte is a cook but it doesn’t seem like he’s a good one, I wanted to do it in a way that he looks bad ass but and funny at the same time.

I work in Photoshop and I’m completely digital (no paper scanning), I normally with rough out a character with a digital pencil then clean it up and line it with the pen tool, but with the Hurricane I roughed it out and started painting(digitally of course).

Like I said, I love the results and I think that he finally made a good smelling meal.






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