It has been a long while since we did our Street Fighter Art Tribute in 2012, and the most of our SF themed galleries did not grow in those 12 months.

Time to change that a bit in September and October 2013 with a new article every sunday in the next weeks which will feature 5 Street Fighter fan art images for 5 SF characters by different artists with the target to feature more artists on Game-Art-HQ and have a much bigger variation of styles in the fan art sectors here!

This is the 3rd article which features art of Ryu and Evil Ryu, Poison, Sakura and Vega

Dan Hibiki Thumbs Up

Ryu Street Fighter Fan Art by Chad Walker

Ryu by Chad “Gammon” Walker

Let’s start with this Ryu Fan Art by Chad Walker who drew this back in April 2010 already.

He wrote a very fun description about his work which is worth to check out in his dA gallery.



Darrold Hansen from Malaysia drew Evil Ryu among many more Street Fighter characters, he is like myself a big fighting game fan and also participated in our SF 25th Anniversary Art Tribute last year with one of the Ken Masters submissions.

His Evil Ryu here was made with Corel Painter 11 & Photoshop


 Evil Ryu Fan Art by_darrold hansen

Evil Ryu by Darrold Hansen


Vega Street Fighter Fan Art by Lixin Wang

Vega by Lixin Wang

Poison Street Fighter Sexy by DarkEyez07

Poison by DarkEyez07

Sakura Kasugano SF Fan Art by_edwin huang

Sakura Kasugano by Edwin Huang

 Vega the crazy but beautiful claw fighter from Spain is one of Lixin Wang’s favourite Street Fighter characters and she drew him multiple times already, including for our big Street Fighter tribute last year, the inspirations for this take on him was the cold and wet winter time and a conversation she had with another artist about that Vega’s hair color is changing in his different palettes.

Poison is just one of the hottest fighting game characters ever, no matter what gender she might have lol. Like just all of the five artists featured this week, Franklin “DarkEyez07” Vincent draws a lot of Street Fighter related fan art, be sure to visit his gallery on dA!

Edwin Huang who is a team member of the great UDON Entertainment Street Fighter artists drew a small series of illustrations of the Street Fighter girls including Sakura Kasugano here. It was made using Photoshop CS5 btw.


You can see the five Street Fighter fan arts of the  last week here

See ya next Sunday!