“Don’t expect the unexpected…Still, he’s no match for Paracelsus.”

A.B.A vs. Bridget in Guilty Gear XX Λ Core

A.B.A’s Game History

A.B.A is one of the playable characters from the Guilty Gear fighting game series by Arc System Works and was introduced as the only completely new playable character in Guilty Gear Isuka (2003).

She returned in Guilty Gear: Judgement (2006) and all the Guilty Gear XX updates from Guilty Gear XX Slash (2005) up to Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus R (2012).

A.B.A almost made it into the top choices by the voters when Arc System Works did a Guilty Gear character popularity poll in 2016. However, she did not make it into the Guilty Gear Xrd games and its updates in the end. There are also no hints of her returning in Guilty Gear Strive as well. 

A character who is supposed to be A.B.A was announced in March 2024, as a DLC character for Guilty Gear Strive. 


Background / Trivia

A.B.A is an artificial life-form called a homunculus in the game and was created by a scientist who was taken by the military short before she opened her eyes for the first time. She lived the first ten years of her life alone in isolation.

Her name is a direct reference to the popular Swedish pop band ABBA. Her musical theme in the GG XX games is actually the only one that was not composed by the series creator, Daisuke Ishiwatari but by Masaomi Kikuchi.


A.B.A is actually one of the slowest Guilty Gear characters and has a rather defensive playstyle. Her biggest strength is her Moroha Mode which increases her running speed as well as adding different and much more effective moves.

,,,the downside is that the Moroha Mode drains her health whenever she performs a move. 

She is absolutely a high-risk character in general in comparison to the majority of the other Guilty Gear characters. 


A.B.A from the Guilty Gear fighting games drawn for the Game-Art-HQ Video Game Character Database

Quartette drew A.B.A as the first Guilty Gear character for our Game Character DB in November 2017, stating that A.B.A is his favourite one among all the oddball characters in the Guilty Gear games.

Character Overview of A.B.A from the Guilty Gear Fighting Games

Character Name / Aliases: A.B.A
Gameseries: Guilty Gear
First Game: Guilty Gear Isuka
Last Game: Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R (2012)
Developed /Created by: Arc System WorksDaisuke Ishiwatari 
First seen in: Arcades
Year first seen in: 2003
Usual Character Role: Fighting Game Character
Weapon Paracelsus, a living Axe-like Weapon
Additional Tags: Red Hair, Slow, Homunculus
Voiced by Mika Takimoto (GG I, GG XX)
Height & Weight Height 174 cm, Weight 34 kg



Official Game Art like Illustrations and Concept Art of A.B.A

a-b-a-guilty-gear-art-book-2002-2007-1 a-b-a-guilty-gear-art-book-2002-2007-2

Artworks of Guilty Gear X 2000 – 2007 (Artbook 2007)

A.B.A Guilty Gear XX Λ Core

Guilty Gear XX Λ Core (2006)

A.B.A Guilty Gear X Slash

Guilty Gear X Slash (2005)

A.B.A Guilty Gear Isuka

Guilty Gear Isuka (2003)


Additional In-Game Art of A.B.A from GGXX Accent Core Plus

Arcade Ending Gallery

EX Mode Ending

A.B.A Guilty Gear Accent Core Story Ending 1

Story Mode Ending 1

A.B.A Guilty Gear Accent Core Story Ending 2

Story Mode Ending 2

 These were screen-captured from the Playstation 2 version


Screenshot Gallery of A.B.A

A.B.A-Screenshot-1 A.B.A-Screenshot


Sprites of A.B.A in Guilty Gear XX Slash & Accent Core


A.B.A Idle/Standing


A.B.A walking forward


A.B.A walking backward


Musical Themes of A.B.A

The Theme of A.B.A “Quicksilver” in Guilty Gear Isuka

The Theme of A.B.A “Keep in Gates” in GGXX Slash and Accent Core


Selected Fan Art and Cosplay of A.B.A from Guilty Gear

A.B.A Fan Art by_ragora57


by ragora57

A.B.A GG Fan Art by Alex Ahad


by Alex “OH8” Ahad

A.B.A Guilty Gear Fan Art by Jaime Campbell


by Jaime Campbell

A.B.A Guilty Gear by_cindysuke


by Cindysuke

ABA GG by_lightning_seal


by Lightning-Seal

A.B.A Guilty Gear Fan Art by Mestre

A.B.A & Paracelsus

by Mestre3224

A.B.A Fan Art


by Setsuna22

A.B.A Cosplay by_la_clover

A.B.A Cosplay

by La-Clover

A.B.A Cosplayer by_its_raining_neon

A.B.A Cosplay

by DeAnna Davis

A.B.A Cosplay

A.B.A and Paracelsus Cosplay

by Sollycos


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