M.Bison from Street Fighter

Get lost, you can’t compare with my powers!

M.Bison might be the most popular fighting game boss character besides Shao Kahn from the Mortal Kombat games.

He was an unplayable boss in the original Street Fighter II (1990) and while he was playable in later updates of the game he returned often as Boss again like in Street Fighter Alpha (1995) and Street Fighter EX (1996) as well as a mid-boss in the Capcom vs SNK and Street Fighter X Tekken (2012) crossover fighting games.

M.Bison was first teased to be in Street Fighter V in the Charlie Nash trailer..on a Tuesday of course.

Design and move wise he was always pretty cool and fun to play and look at. His Psycho Crusher move is epic and was often used as a special move in very similar forms for other fighting games.

Bison was featured in three of our Art Collaborations already with the first being the Boss Tribute Round I back in November 2011 and the big Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tribute in Summer 2012. In 2017 we started another Street Fighter Tribute where M.Bison and his Psycho Power were not absent…of course. 


M.Bison from the Street Fighter Games: an Overview

Charactername: M.Bison / Vega in Japan   Developed /Created by Capcom
Gameseries:  Street Fighter & Crossover Games   First seen in: Arcades 
First Game:  Street Fighter II (Unplayable Boss)   Year first seen in: 1991
Last Game: Power Rangers Legacy (2018)
  Birthplace: Unknown 
Role(s) and Characteristics:  Fighting Game Boss, Fighting Game Character   Martial Arts Style: Psycho Power
Additional Tags:     Similar Characters: Brocken (World Heroes)
Has Relations to: Rose, Seth, Sagat, F.A.N.G, Vega, Balrog, Akuma, Gill   See also:  



 Official Artworks of M.Bison from the Street Fighter series:

M.Bison SFV Street Fighter V Wallpaper Official Art

Street Fighter V (2016)

Ending Artworks of M.Bison in the Street Fighter V Arcade Mode Routes

SF Alpha Route

SF II Route

SF IV Route

SF V Route

Screenshots of M.Bison in Street Fighter V (Showing him in his Street Fighter Alpha “Psycho Miasma” Costume



M.Bison SFXT Official Game Art M.Bison SFXT Art Render

Street Fighter X Tekken (2012)

 Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (2010)

 Capcom Fighting Evolution (2004)

SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos (2003)

Capcom Vs SNK 2 (2001)

Capcom Vs SNK 2 (2001)

Street Fighter Alpha 3 (1998)

 SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos (2003)

Street Fighter Alpha 3 (1998)

M.Bison Street Fighter Alpha Art

Street Fighter Alpha (1995)

M.Bison Street Fighter II Original Artwork from 1990

Street Fighter II (1991)



 M.Bison in Game-Art-HQ Art Collaborations:



Street Fighter II

The Game-Art-HQ Community celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Street Fighter with a year long art collaboration that includes all playable Street Fighter characters. M.Bison’s Street Fighter II illustrations were published on a Tuesday, the 16th May.


2015 – The Villains Challenge

M.Bison SFV Villains Art Challenge Wild DLC

“Wild” M.Bison from USFIV

In January 2015 M.Bison was drawn in his “Wild” Costume from Ultra Street Fighter IV as part of the Villains Art Challenge


2012 – The Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tribute

M.Bison-SF-Tribute-1 M.Bison-SF-Tribute-2 M.Bison-SF-Tribute-3

We organized a big Street Fighter Anniversary Tribute in 2012 and  M.Bison was drawn three times for it including an “Dramatic Battle ” with Chun Li illustration


2011 – Fighting Game Boss Tribute

M.Bison Boss of Street Fighter II Art by joelchan Street Fighter M.Bison project by marvin000 Psycho Crusher by matias soto M.Bison-Boss-Tribute

One of our first big art collaborations was the Fighting Game Boss Tribute that we continued in 2017, M.Bison was of course one of the antagonists that made it into our Project in 2011 already.




 Selected M.Bison (Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom etc.) Fan Art featured on Game Art HQ:

M.Bison SFV by TheChamba

M.Bison SFV

by TheChamba

M.Bison SF Animated Movie Style by_shadaloo1989

M.Bison in the Movie

by Shadaloo1989

M.Bison Street Fighter Portrait Vs

M.Bison VS Style Portrait Art

by Lucio López Iñiguez

M.Bison Badass Art by_josh summana

M.Bison Badass Portrait

by Josh Summana

Dictator Street Fighter II

The Dictator SFII

by Flavio Luccisano


m bison fanart by busasami

Oldschool M.Bison

by Pio Paulo Santana

m.bison street fighter sf by_rob crump

M.Bison Portrait

by Rob Crump

M.Bison Sprite Art

M.Bison Sprite Art

by FeloLop

Updates and additions in M.Bison’s Game Art Gallery and Character Overview

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