Blanka (SF) from Brazil as Baby by Julio Gloom

As a big fan of finishing moves in general, be they brutal or just funny in a fighting game i always hoped there would be some in the Street Fighter games, but sadly it never happend.

The big Street Fighter fan Julio “D3RX” Gloom who administrates a SF fan art group on dA together with me drew this Blanka back in August 2010 and i wanted to feature it since i liked it a lot and it reminded me at those Babality finishing moves from the Mortal Kombat series.

Little Jimmy / Blanka also looks super cute as that sad little being there crying for its mommy ūüôā

Nice work Julio!

You can find more art of Julio on GA-HQ as part of our Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tribute in 2012 and also his E.Honda illustration, take also a look at our other Blanka galleries!

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