League of Legends has around 120 different Characters / Champions now and while they all have additional Skins which are often simply weird or funny..but in some cases also damn badass, there are also a lot fans with interestin Skin Concepts, the Jinx & Harley Quin Skin or the Cyberpunk Vi come to mind!


I am featuring LoL Skin Concepts here on Game-Art-HQ from time to time and thought it can not hurt to smash them all together in this growing gallery to give you a direct overview. This gallery will get updated from time to time, LoL is only a small part of this website, but 1-2 new featured skin ideas per week should be possible. Have fun browsing the gallery and viewing these concepts by truly dedicated League of Legends fans!




Nami the Tidecaller Angler Fish Skin Concept Art

Nami Angler Fish Skin

Nami the Tidecaller Betta Fish Skin Concept Art

Nami Betta Fish Skin

Katarina Sinister Blade Cyborg Skin Concept Art

Katarina Cyborg Skin

 Nami and Katarina Skin Concept Artworks added in November 2014


Kindred LoL Elderwood Skin Concept Art by VegaColors

Kindred “Elderwood” Concept Skin

by VegaColors

Gnar LoL Skin Concept - Early Morning Gnar -

Gnar Early Mornings Skin!

Bumblebee Blitzcrank Skin Concept Art LoL

Bumblebee Blitzcrank Skin Concept Art

Jinx League of Legends Fan Art by Asher Winter Kidd

Jinx Harley Quinn Skin

Jinx LoL Cyberpunk Design Skin Art Redesign

Jinx Cyberpunk Skin Idea

League of Legends Skin Ideas - Dodgeball Syndra

Dodgeball Syndra

League of Legends Skin Ideas - Halloweenl Syndra

Halloween Syndra

Tresh LoL Devil Skin Splash Art

Devil Thresh Skin Concept

Vi League of Legends Fan Art Cyberpunk Concept by_kashuse

Cyberpunk Skin for Vi Concept & Splash Art

League of Legends Skin Concepts Deep Terror Kha'zix

 Deep Terror Kha’Zix Skin

Katarina LoL Skin Idea Valkyrie Katarina

Valkyrie Katarina Skin Idea

Irelia Pirate Queen Skin LoL League of Legends Skin Concept Art

Irelia Pirate Queen Skin Concept

Yasuo LoL Skin Concept Art

“Windthrift” Concept Skin for Yasuo

League of Legends Skin Concept Art Void Lux 

“Void” Skin Concept Art for Lux

Void Lux Skin Concept LoL Riot Games Art

“Void Lux Skin” Splash Art