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Rose his Entry
Rose has always been a favorite of mine since her debut in the Alpha Games.
I realized early on, that her techniques are tricky, cumbersome and a
bit difficult to time attacks.
Knowing that I thought, it simply takes skill to use her correctly and
the same vices I mentioned above are the
same difficulties opponents face when pitted against her.

I consider Rose to be a unique fighter.
She’s a character with an awesome and attractive look, mysterious
abilities and a rich back story.
I really enjoy using characters of this nature to mystify, entertain
and confuse my opponents.

I hope my entry is at least a fair to midland representation of this
great character.

I wanted this image to comment on a couple things.

It always boggled my mind that Rose fights with some sort of scarf.

In truth, I thought it to be awesome.

My question always had been: Where did she get the scarf,though?
To answer that question I figured she either enchanted it or conjured it.

I wanted to make a representation of Rose’s use of tarot cards, her
signature soul spark and
an interesting twist to what I view the scarf as. I decided to have
the scarf coiling around Rose, as shes winds up for the
Soul Spark and the ends of the scarf winding itself in as well.

I went with a painted look, because I wanted her to look, almost
classic. I use an inuos 4 and Photoshop to complete this image.

sf_tribute Rose_by_matiassoto

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Rose my Entry



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