Cammy White from the Street Fighter games is one of the most popular video game characters among artists since many years, and the number of stunning artworks, no matter if they are illustrationg Cammy as sexy, beautiful, cute, or in a serious or even sad way is impressive. If you search for Cammy on the big art community DeviantART, you get almost 30000! results.

Reason enough to highlight some of these many artworks and to try to cover 25 different views about the popular Street Fighter character.

Have fun browsing through this gallery which was build up with the knowledge and permission of every artist featured here.

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Cammy White SFIV Render Small

Cammy White Street Fighter Chronicles by Arman I-GUYJIN-I Akopian

“Cammy has become the Killer Bee once again” by Arman “I-GUYJIN-I” Akopian


The reason behind this drawing is that it is a part of small personal project that I am currently working on. Its called “Street Fighter Chronicles” and its a re-design of the characters of SF II and their story in later years, in my way.

The reason Cammy White looks this way is because she is a spec ops operative and I wanted to underline that in her design.

Make it a bit more realistic while still keeping the “video game” flavor.

Cammy White Street Fighter Anniversary Art by_dcwj


Cammy is my favourite street fighter girl, and i love how her costume look!

For this piece, I wanted to potray her like a gymnast with a killer attitude.

Cammy White Street Fighter by by Eric DeSantis

by Eric DeSantis (GA-HQ Contributor)

Most of my memories of Street Fighter characters are tied to my friends who played them. When Super SF came out it was a huge deal and my good friend Billy took to Cammy instantly (I zeroed in on Fei Long :-), many, many bouts were had since and I’ve always admired Cammy as an opponent.

Cammy White is a great character not only because of her sex appeal but because of her unique move set and gymnastic approach to fighting.

My favorite art of Cammy emphasizes this so I attempted to capture that a bit with how she might look launching into one of her special moves.

Cammy White Pin Up Art by_vandrell

by Daniel Vendrell Oduber

I love Cammy and the classic pinup style, and with this illustration, I had a great occasion to put them together.

And of course paint some planes. I love that kind of things.


Cammy White SFIV by Jonathan Kuo

by Jonathan Kuo

Cammy is my favorite character to use in the Street Fighter series. Gameplay wise, her moveset has always been pretty easy to use but very effective.

After Street Fighter IV was released and her newest 3d rendition was revealed it made me want to make a tribute to this character.


by WagnerF


I used to play Street Fighter 2 a lot, and I always wanted to draw her. After drawing some not-so-good sketches,

I finally thought about Cammy White doing something very normal, just walking and smiling… The final pic is this one!


Cammy White SF Zero by Luisa F. Osorio

by Luisa F. Osorio

“This is the first videogame fan art I ever made.

I think her ass is a little big, but I have to say that this is a peculiarity in my style. I love the Alpha/Zero series outfit”

Cammy White Illustration by_magion02

by Magion02


Not sure why I draw Cammy so often but I’m a fan that’s why haha.

I’m a Cammy user in SFIV too. 

This “quickie” illustration was made in 140 minutes.

Sexy Cammy White SFIV Training Room Art by_tikantz

by Tikantz


Cammy is my all time favorite Street Fighter character from her character design to the confident personality and unique gameplay, she has a sense of precision with a combination of well balanced attributes.

On the description of the fanart i’d say i wanted to illustrate a scene where in her rigorous training routine also as an active Street Fighter 4 player i found myself spending long hours in this level trying to nail combos XD.

Cammy White by Craig Paton

By Craig Paton


My Cammy drawing was an attempt to illustrate the character as if she was a realistic fighting woman.

I had intended to make this into a series of realistic looking Street Fighter characters, but never got round to it.

Cammy White Portrait Art by Cédric Poulat (lines) & Ula Mos (colors)

 by Cédric Poulat & Ula Mos


Cédric portrayed how I imagined Cammy

– not as the oversexualized fighter, but a girl who has the inner strength.

Cammy White Assassine by_aLDoDarK

by Aldo Dark

I’m drawing Camy White because she’s one of the most gorgeous character in Street Fighter, she has a unique and sexy costume that will looks nice to draw, and for a fantasy character she’s perfect.

Cammy White Art by Vincent Vernacatola

 by Vincent Vernacatola

I drew Cammy White because she was always one of my favorite characters in SSFIV

I found her way more tough than most of the cast of fighters.

Cammy White by_gamera1985

by Gamera1985

“Cammy has been one of my favourite characters since her apparition back in SSFII. Mostly because there was finally a counter-part ot Chun-Li, who might have started to feel a tad lonely among those guys… But also because she had a nice array of moves and specials.

In that picture, I wanted to describe her as a girl-next-door… something she never was considering her dark past (her past in the army, Vega’s experiments, etc..).

While she’s generally shown with much less clothes, or at least, much more tight clothes,I wanted her to be casual. Yet I put an emphasis on her “perfect ass” (OMG those poses in-games) and also her muscles, because… apart Makoto from the last games, no girl in Street Fighter can compare with Cammy in terms of athletic shape.

I’m not sure if my Cammy White is the great fighter that we have seen in the game serie, but I like to think she’s at least as sexy and a bit more cute, due to her natural side.”

Cammy White Delta Red by_nonoko78

by Nonoko

This was a simple graffiti for my time killing, but my friend said “really cool!” So I painted it.

Though I didn’t do the difficult thing, many people liked it. Because she is an attractive fighter!

Cammy White in Guile Stage Art by_anubis2kx

 by illumistrations

Along with Chun Li, she is one of my favorite female characters from the Street Fighter series, and I’m definitely looking forard to doing more Cammy illustrations!

Cammy White Street Fighter by Fábio Fontes

Line Art version by Robert Porter, colored version by Fábio Fontes

Cammy White Arcade Stick Art by Houa-Vang

by Houa-Vang

The initial reason I made that digital painting is actually because a friend who is a really big Cammy fan had asked me to do a painting for his custom arcade pad.

He was very satisfied with it and I didnt think it would get as many views as it did but im glad I got the opportunity to make a fan art of her.

Cammy White goes shopping by_shrouded_artist

by Shrouded Artist

I drew Cammy because she and Chun Li are my favorite Street Fighter characters.

I also enjoy drawing characters isn a relaxed state, or just doing normal things, hence in ‘Cammy Unbraided’ she is just out shopping.

Cammy White SFA by Tulio Minaki

by Tulio Minaki

I play Street Fghter since I was a child and I always loved how beautiful and sexy she is. So I decided to make my tribute for her too!


Cammy White vs Chun Li by Kate Niemczyk

by Kate Niemczyk

Cammy White vs Chun Li in a unusual fight..why not? 🙂

Cammy White Concept Art by  Alejandro H

by Alejandro H.

Wanted to try out a new concept design for one of my favourite Street Fighter characters with Cammy Here 

Cammy White Win Pose by Gavin Hargest

by Gavin Hargest

My favourite Street Fighter character Cammy White in one of her signature poses, this was done before the release of Street Fighter IV and i tried to use that ink style seen in the official SFIV illustrations


Cammy White Street Fighter Alpha 3 by Aaron Page

by Aaron Page

I don’t really have anything to say about my piece tho, just a fan of the character and think she’s fun to draw  🙂

Cammy SSFII Delta Red by_carlotuskong

by CarlotusKong

A new drawing, this time from Cammy White in her Detal Red costume from Super Street Fighter 2. I even remember the first time I saw this game in the early 90s.

My brothers took me to play at a game park, I always into line to play Muntan teenage ninja turtles, but everything changed with SF II.

From the artistic point of view the game also was a big impact on me, i remember i cut  out pictures from magazines of video games and try to draw the characters like Cammy here now.

The truth is I’ve never been very good playing Street Fighter, I do best Tetris or Luminies, but I love this game and also Samurai Shodown




 Credit and thanks goes to all artists who created these Cammy White artworks and also gave us the permission to show them here. Also a big thanks goes to the developers of Cammy and her character  and design development through the years!