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The monthly Game-Art-HQ Updates/Additions/Features Page 

You can see awesome new game art and cosplays there we are featuring both official new art like promotional illustrations shared by the game publishers as well as fan art and amazing cosplays. You can also see the latest additions to our Game Character DB there.



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The Video Game Character Database on Game-Art-HQ

Here you can find the currently around 1500 video game character art galleries and overviews. Beside descriptions for the game characters you can see all kinds of art related to them. Again both official artworks like wallpapers and renders as well as selected fan art.



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The Video Game Art Tributes & Collaborations by the Game-Art-HQ Community

 Over 600 artists helped to create amazing art tributes and projects like our Link’s Blacklist or the 20th Anniversary of Doom. Have a look at the different art projects our community created since November 2011.



The Latest Video Game Art Collaboration by the Game-Art-HQ Community:


Link’s Blacklist -The Dark Side of Hyrule This is an ongoing art collaboration about the Monsters and Bosses in the Legend of Zelda games by over 170 artists


Game Character of the Month:

 Angel from The King of Fighters 


Angel from the KOF games is another character that returns after many years and games in playable form!

Angel was and is also a pretty fan favourite character, alone already because she is just super sexy but personally I find her relative unique mix of kicks and grapples and moves that were borrowed from popular pro wrestlers like the Rock made her a pretty unique fighter. Am glad she is in KOF XIV and that the game will feature around 50! characters. Oh yes, looks like Angel will be in a team with Ramon and Tizoc this time


 Currently Featured Game Art Gallery:

SFV Street Fighter V Logo

Street Fighter V Art & Wallpaper Gallery

 Street Fighter V is getting released for the Playstation and PC in February, we are featuring its official art like the wallpapers as well as selected fan art of the returning and new characters