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April 2015

The April on Game-Art-HQ is dedicated to the villains in video games again, we had an art challenge about Bosses and the Evil Guys ongoing on Game-Art-HQ since December, in the next days you will see the last 15 submissions for this art collaboration!



New Game-Art-HQ Collaborations Galleries like the Villains Challenge made or updated in April 2015:


Ganon Boss Hyrule Warriors Villains Art Challenge

Ganon from Hyrule Warriors


Kuja FFIX Villains Art Challenge on Game-Art-HQ

Kuja from Final Fantasy IX


Robo Corpse Contra III Boss for the Villaiins Art Challenge

Robo Corpse from Contra III


Arkham Jester Devil May Cry Villain Art Challenge

Arkham /Jester from DMC3


Giovanni the Team Rocket Boss from Pokemon Villains Art Challenge

Giovanni from Pokemon


Galcian from Skies of Arcadia Villains Art Challenge on Game-Art-HQ

Galcian from Skies of Arcadia


Bowser from Paper Mario Villains Art Challenge

Bowser from Paper Mario


Aribeth de Tylmarande from Neverwinter Nights

Aribeth from Neverwinter Nights


Justice from Guilty Gear Villains Art Challenge

Justice from Guilty Gear


Shinnosuke Kagami Last Blade Boss Art Challenge

Shinnosuke from Last Blade


Chakravartin from Asura's Wrath Game Villains Art Challenge

Chakravarim from Asura’s Wrath


Tomator from Lost Vikings for the Villains Art Challenge

Tomator from Lost Vikings


Vendra Prog Ratchet and Clank Villains Art Challenge on Game Art HQ

Vendra Prog from Ratchet & Clank


Vaati in his different forms Game Villains Art Challenge

Vaati from LoZ


Kefka from Final Fantasy VI Villains Art Challenge on Game-Art-HQ

Kefka from Final Fantasy VI


Dr Fetus from Super Meat Boy Game Villain Art Challenge

Dr Fetus from Super Meat Boy!




Selection of Featured Game Art and Video Game Cosplays in April 2015:


Johnny Cage MKX Mortal Kombat X Tournament Costume Skin RenderCassie Cage MKX Primary Special Forces Costume Skin Render D'Vorah MKX Mortal Kombat X Primary Costume Skin Render 2Scorpion MKX Mortal Kombat X Primary Costume Skin Render

Around 40 Renders of the Mortal Kombat X characters were added to the MKX Gallery

12-16th April


Special Feature for some outstanding Mortal Kombat X Fan Art!

Mortal Kombat X gets released in April and we are featuring some of the best looking artworks by fans made for it so far, you can see even more of them and also the so far released official MKX Game Art as well as reading news and seeing trailers here

Scorpion from Mortal Kombat X Badass Fan Art

Scorpion from MKX

D’Vorah Mortal Kombat X Art

D’Vorah Portrait Art

Mortal Kombat X Art Sub Zero vs Scorpion

Sub Zero breaking Scorpions Face

Kitana Mortal Kombat X MKX Sexy by Ganassa

MKX Kitana



Updates and New Galleries in April 2015 for the Game-Art-HQ, the Video Game Character Database:


May from Pokemon on Game-Art-HQ

May from Pokemon


Ellis from Toshinden


Sofia from Toshinden