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The Latest Video Game Art Collaboration by the Game-Art-HQ Community:


Link’s Blacklist -The Dark Side of Hyrule This is an ongoing art collaboration about the Monsters and Bosses in the Legend of Zelda games by over 170 artists

Link’s Blacklist 2015 – The 5th Round of our Big Legend of Zelda Project with 46 new Zelda Artworks

Our next Art collaboration is going to arrive in June 2016 and is all about the 20th Anniversary of the Nintendo 64


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On Game-Art-HQ you can see official video game art like wallpapers, character renders and concept art as well as artworks made by fans.

We are also creating a video game character database here that offers already over 1000 articles with game art and overviews about the characters, you can also visit the big video game art tributes here that are made by our own community.



 Currently Featured Game Art Gallery:

SFV Street Fighter V Logo

Street Fighter V Art & Wallpaper Gallery

 Street Fighter V is getting released for the Playstation and PC soon, we are featuring its official art like the wallpapers as well as selected fan art of the returning and new characters: 




Game Characters of the Month November

Rainbow Mika from Street Fighter, the Russian Pro Wrestler returns in Street Fighter V, but oh such an Injustice, her butt slap was censored.  


Link from the Legend of Zelda because he finally gets a playable female version of him called Linkle in Hyrule Warriors on the 3DS. Linkle is going to get her own gallery in the first week of December 2015.