VG Character Name Game or Game Series Game-Art-HQ Art Projects Art made by the Creators Art made by Fans Cosplays of the Character
Faith Connors Mirrors Edge     Fan Art  
Fei Long Street Fighter Series Street Fighter Tribute 3 Official Artworks like illustrations 3 Fan Arts  
Felicia Darkstalkers Series   5 Official Artworks 8 Fan Arts  
Feng Wei Tekken Series   Official Art    
Fennekin  Pokemon 6th Gen     Fan Art  
Feral Chaos Final Fantasy Dissidia   Official Art    
Fio Germi Metal Slug Series   Official Art    
Fire Man MegaMan Series MegaMan 25th Anniversary   Fan Art  
Firebrand Ghost n Goblins / Gargoyle’s Quest Series   2 Official Arts 1 Fan Art  
Firion Final Fantasy II   Official Art    
Flygon Pokemon     Fan Art  
Flying Guardian LoZ Skyward Sword Link’s Blacklist      
Fo Fai Toshinden Series   2 Illustrations + Screenshots / In-Game Art 3 Fan Arts  
Fong Ling Resident Evil Dead Aim   Official Art    
Fou-Lu Breath of Fire IV   2 Official Artworks 1 Fan Art  
Fox Mc Cloud Starfox Series     Fan Art  
Foxy King of Fighters Series   Official Art Fan Art  
Fran Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy: Those Who Fight Further
Official Art    
Franco Gerelt Star Gladiator     Fan Art  
Freezor Legend of Zelda Series Link’s Blacklist      
Freya Crescent Final Fantasy IX     Fan Art  
Froakie Pokemon 6th Gen     Fan Art  
Frost Mortal Kombat Series Mortal Kombat Tribute 2 Official Bio Artworks 8 Fan Arts  
Fujin Mortal Kombat Series Mortal Kombat Tribute      
Fulgore Killer Instinct Series     Fan Art  
Furnix LoZ Skyward Sword Link’s Blacklist      
Fuuma Kotaro World Heroes Series   Official Art    
Fyrus Zelda. Twilight Spirit Link’s Blacklist