C VG Character Name Game or Game Series Year the Game Character debuted: Role(s) Developer(s) Game-Art-HQ Art Projects
Cacodemon Cacodemon Doom Series 1993 Enemy Type ID Software

We Are Doom

20th Anniversary

Cactuar Cactuar Final Fantasy 1994 Enemy Type & NPC, Weapon /Summon Square-Enix  
Caitlyn Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover League of Legends 2011 Playable MOBA Character Riot Games  
Cammy-White Cammy White Street Fighter 1993 Fighting Game Character Capcom  Street Fighter Tribute
Captain America MVC3 Marvel vs Capcom 3 Win Screen render  (2) Captain America Marvel Comics Games 1987 Beat’em Up & Fighting Game Character Marvel  
Captain-Blackbeard Captain Blackbeard Assassin’s Creed IV 2013 Supportive NPC & Multiplayer Character Ubisoft  
Captain Commando Captain Commando Captain Commando 1991  Beat’em Up & Fighting Game Character Capcom  
Captain-Falcon Captain Falcon F-Zero Series 1990 Racer & Fighting Game Character Nintendo  
Captain Onishima Captain Onishima Jet Set Radio 2000 Enemy & Boss Sega  
Carbuncle Carbuncle Final Fantasy Series
1992 Boss & Summonable Character Square-Enix  
Carl Clover Carl Clover BlazBlue Series 2008 Fighting Game Character Arc System Works  
Carmilla Carmilla Castlevania Series 1987   Boss, Antagonist & Fighting Game Character Konami  
Carock Carock Zelda II: The Adventure of Link




Boss  Nintendo Link’s Blacklist
Carrie Fernandez Carrie Fernandez Castlevania Series




 Main Protagonist  Konami  Castlevania Series Tribute
Cassandra-(SC) Cassandra Alexandra
SoulCalibur Series 2002  Fighting Game Character Namco-Bandai  
Cassie Cage Cassie Cage Mortal Kombat X 2015  Fighting Game Character Netherrealm Studios  
Cat-Battleship-MKI Cat Battleship MK I Parodius 1990  Stage Boss Konami Villain Art Challenge
Cate Archer Cate Archer No One Lives Forever 2000   Main Protagonist Monolith Productions  
Catherine Catherine Catherine 2011   Catherine is Catherine Atlus




Cecil Harvey Cecil Harvey Final Fantasy Series




Main Protagonist & Fighting Game Character Square-Enix  
Celes Chere Celes Chere Final Fantasy Series 1994  Main Protagonist Square-Enix Final Fantasy TWFF
Ceodore Harvey Ceodore Harvey Final Fantasy Series




Protagonist Square-Enix  
Cervantes Cervantes de Leon SoulCalibur Series 1995 Fighting Game Character and Boss Namco  
Chae Lim Chae Lim King of Fighters MI Series 2004 Fighting Game Character SNK Playmore  
Chakravartin Chakravartin Asura’s Wrath 2012 Main Antagonist  Capcom Villains Art Challenge
Cham-Cham Cham Cham Samurai Shodown Series 1994 Fighting Game Character SNK FGE Project
Chameleon Chameleon Mortal Kombat Series 1996   Fighting Game Character   Midway Games / Netherrealm Studios Mortal Kombat Tribute
Chang Koehan Chang Koehan King of Fighters Series 1994    Fighting Game Character SNK King of Fighters 20th Anniversary
Chaos Final Fantasy Chaos Final Fantasy I, Dissidia and more Spinoff Games



Main Antagonist Square-Enix  Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary
Chaos (Primal Rage) Chaos Primal Rage 1994    Fighting Game Character   Atari Games  
Charade Charade SoulCalibur Series 2002   Fighting Game Character   Namco  
Chargin' Chuck Chargin’ Chuck Super Mario World




Enemy Type Nintendo Mario’s Blacklist
Charizard Charizard

Pokemon Series

1996 Recruitable RPG Party Member Nintendo  
Charlie Charlie Nash Street Fighter  Series and Crossover games
1995 Fighting Game Character Capcom  Street Fighter Tribute
Charlotte-Samurai-Shodown Charlotte Samurai Shodown Series 1993 Fighting Game Character SNK  
Charmy-Bee Charmy Bee Sonic the Hedgehog Series 1995 Protagonist Sega  
Chatot Chatot Pokemon 2006 Recruitable RPG Party Member Nintendo    
Cheep Cheep Cheep Cheep Super Mario Bros Series




Enemy Type   Nintendo    
Chell Chell Portal Series 2007 Main Protagonist Valve Corporation  
Chespin Chespin Pokemon




Recruitable RPG Party Member  Nintendo    
Chester Chester SoulCalibur III 2005   Fighting Game Character   Namco  
Chin Gentsai Chin Gentsai King of Fighters Series 1994 Fighting Game Character   SNK King of Fighters 1994-2014
Chipp Zanuff Chipp Zanuff Guilty Gear Series 1998  Fighting Game Character    Arc System Works  
Chizuru Kagura Chizuru Kagura King of Fighters Series 1996 Fighting Game Character    SNK  
Chocobo Chocobo Final Fantasy Series 1988 Supportive NPC, Enemy, Main Protagonist
Choi Bounge Choi Bounge King of Fighters Series 1994     Fighting Game Character    SNK  
Chris Chris King of Fighters Series 1997  Fighting Game Character    SNK  
Chris Redfield Chris Redfield Resident Evil Series 1996 Main Protagonist  Capcom  
Christie (DOA) Christie Dead or Alive Series 2001 Fighting Game Character    Tecmo  
Christie-Monteiro Christie Monteiro Tekken Series 2001  Fighting Game Character Namco  
Unbenannt Christopher Belmont Castlevania Series 1989  Main Protagonist Konami  Castlevania Series Tribute
Chuchu Chuchu Legend of Zelda Series 2000  Enemy Type Nintendo   Link’s Blacklist
Chun-Li Chun Li Street Fighter Series 1991  Fighting Game Character Capcom

 Street Fighter Tribute

+ Extra Fan Art Gallery

Cid Pollendina Cid Pallondina Final Fantasy IV Series




RPG Party Member, Protagonist Square-Enix


Cid Raines Cid Raines Final Fantasy XIII Series and Spinoff Games 2009  NPC, Enemy, Boss Square-Enix  
Cinder Cinder Killer Instinct


Fighting Game Character    Rare / Microsoft  
Claire Redfield Claire Redfield Resident Evil Series
Main Protagonist  Capcom Playstation 20th Anniversary Tribute
Claptrap Claptrap Borderlands Series 2009  NPC and Protagonist Gearbox Software Character of the Month: May 2014
Clark Still Clark Still King of Fighters Series 1986  Protagonist & Fighting Game Character   SNK King of Fighters 1994-2014
Claude GTA Claude Grand Theft Auto III



Main Protagonist DMA Designs / Rockstar  
Clicker Clicker Last of Us 2013   Enemy Type    Naughty Dog
Cloud of Darkness Cloud of Darkness Final Fantasy Series 1990 Main Antagonist, Fighting Game Character Square-Enix  
Cloud Strife Cloud Strife Final Fantasy VII and many more
1997 Main Protagonist, Fighting Game Character  Square-Enix  
Cloyster Cloyster Pokemon 1996   Recruitable RPG Party Member Nintendo  
Cody Travers Cody Travers Final Fight & Street Fighter 1989  Main Protagonist & Fighting Game Character

Official Art

Fan Art 

 Street Fighter Tribute
ColeMcGrath Cole MacGrath inFamous Series 2009  Main Protagonist & Fighting Game Character Sucker Punch Productions  
Commander-Shepard Commander Shepard Mass Effect Trilogy 2007  Main Protagonist BioWare  
Connor Kenway Connor Kenway Assassins Creed III 2012 Main Protagonist Ubisoft  
Cornell Cornell Castlevania Series 1999  Main Protagonist, Fighting Game Character
Cortana Cortana Halo Series 2001  Supportive NPC Bungie Games  
Corvo Attano Corvo Attano Dishonored 2012   Main Protagonist Arkane Studios  
Cosmos Cosmos Final Fantasy Dissidia Series 2008 Protagonist and Fighting Game Character Square-Enix  
Cracker Jack Cracker Jack Street Fighter EX Series




Fighting Game Character   Arika Street Fighter Tribute
  Craig Marduk Tekken Series




Fighting Game Character   Namco Official Art 
  Cranky Kong Donkey Kong Country Series   NPC & Protagonist Rare / Nintendo Official Art 
Crawler Crawler Bioshock Series 2010 Enemy Type Irrational Games  
Crimson-Viper Crimson Viper Street Fighter Series 2008  Fighting Game Character Capcom  Street Fighter Tribute
  Crocomire Super Metroid   Boss Nintendo   20th Anniversary of Super Metroid
  Cubone Pokemon   Recruitable RPG Party Member  Nintendo   Fan Art 
  Cubus Sisters Zelda: Phantom Hourglass   Dungeon Boss Nintendo   Link’s Blacklist
Cucco Cucco Legend of Zelda Series 1991  Deadliest Enemy Ever Nintendo Link’s Blacklist
  Cursed Bokoblins LoZ Skyward Sword   Enemy Type Nintendo   Link’s Blacklist
  Cut Man MegaMan Series   Stage Boss


Fan Art 

 MegaMan 25th Anniversary
  Cyan Garamonde Final Fantasy VI   Protagonist Fan Art   
  Cyber Akuma X-Men vs Street Fighter   Fighting Game Character   Capcom Street Fighter Tribute
  Cyber Sub Zero Mortal Kombat 9   Fighting Game Character  

Official Art

 Fan Art

 Mortal Kombat Tribute
  Cyber Woo SNK   Fighting Game Character   Official Art   
  Cyberdemon Doom Series   Enemy Type 1 Fan Art 

We Are Doom

20th Anniversary

  Cycloid Y & X Street Fighter EX Series   Fighting Game Character(s)    Street Fighter Tribute
Cyrax Cyrax Mortal Kombat Series 1995   Fighting Game Character Midway Games /Netherrealm Studios Mortal Kombat Tribute