VG Character Name Game or Game Series Game-Art-HQ Art Projects Art made by the Creators Art made by Fans Cosplays of the Character
I-No I-NO Guilty Gear Series Boss Tribute R1 5 Official Artworks including in-game ending images 6 Fan Arts 3 Cosplay Photos
  Ibuki Street Fighter Series Street Fighter Tribute Official Art Fan Art  
  Ice-Cimbers Ice Climber & Smash Bros Series     Fan Art  
  Ice Man MegaMan Series MegaMan 25th Anniversary   Fan Art  
Ickybod-Clay Ickybod Clay Clayfighter Series     Fan Art  
  Ifirit Final Fantasy Series   Official Art Fan Art  
  Igniz King of Fighters Series   Official Art    
  Igos du Ikana Zelda: Majora’s Mask Link’s Blacklist   Fan Art  
  Ihadulca Evil Zone     Fan Art  
Ike-(Fire-Emblem) Ike Fire Emblem Series   1 Official Artwork 1 Fan Art  
  Ilia Legend of Zelda Series Link’s Friendlist      
  Imp Doom Series

We Are Doom

20th Anniversary

  Imps Final Fantasy Series     Fan Art  
  Ingrid Capcom Fighting Jam / Street Fighter Street Fighter Tribute Official Art    
Inklings Inklings Splatoon 2015       
Iori-Yagami Iori Yagami King of Fighters Series




18 Official Artworks 3 Fan Arts and 2 Pixel-Arts  
Irelia Irelia, Will of the Blades League of Legends   4 Official Artworks (Splash Arts) 1 Fan Art  
Irenes Irenes Chrono Cross   2 Official Artworks and a Screenshot 1 Fan Art  
  Ironman Marvel Universe   Official Art    
  Iron Giant Final Fantasy Series     Fan Art  
  Iron Knuckle Legend of Zelda Link’s Blacklist      
  Iron Tager BlazBlue Series   Official Art    
Ivy-Valentine Ivy Valentine SoulCalibur Series   10 Official Artworks 8 Fan Arts 6 Cosplay Photos
Ixion Ixion Final Fantasy Series   4 Official Artworks including 3D Model and Concept Art 1 Fan Art  
  Izayoi Final Fantasy IV The After Years   Official Art