Since August 2011 on forward, Game Art HQ is organizing various art tributes / projects for video game series.

In some cases they were themed by an anniversary of a game or a game series, others are for a specific kind of character types like the Boss Tribute(s) or Link’s Blacklist.

Please enjoy the efforts of many hundred individual artists that worked together to create these amazing art collaborations on Game-Art-HQ!  


 Our latest video game art collaboration is all about the 20th Anniversary of the Nintendo 64 that was released on the 23rd June 1996. Over 50 members of our community created illustrations of around 35 Nintendo 64 games ranging from Mario 64 to Conker’s Bad Fur Day.



We celebrated SoulEdge, the first game in the SoulCalibur Series, it was first released in Arcades in January 1996


Ongoing Projects


Link’s Blacklist -The Dark Side of Hyrule

This is an ongoing art collaboration about the Monsters and Bosses in the Legend of Zelda games by over 150 artists




The Game-Art-HQ Art Challenges 1-3

These were held between December 2014-May 2015 and about Nintendo, Video Game Villains and RPG’s


Final Fantasy IX 15th Anniversary “Worlds Apart” Music & Art Collaboration with the OverClockedRemix Community


Zidane Tribal


Princess Garnet


Vivi Ornitier


Adelbert Steiner


Eiko Carol


Freya Crescent


Quina Quen


Amarant Coral





King of Fighters – 1994 – 2014

We tributed the fighting game series by SNK and many of the teams that were introduced in the KOF Series



The Game-Art-HQ Mortal Kombat Art Tribute

Over 200 GA-HQ Members drew the characters of Mortal Kombat



The 20th Anniversary of the Sony Playstation in December 2014

We tributed the PS and over 40 of its games! Including Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy and many more


Tekken 1 Tribute Logo

Tekken 20th Anniversary



Super Metroid 20th Anniversary Tribute Logo

Super Metroid 20th Anniversary

We tributed one of the best games ever.





Mario’s Blacklist 


Link’s Friendlist



The GA-HQ Final Fantasy Art Tribute - Those Who Fight Further

Final Fantasy – Those Who Fight Further, an Art Collaboration about the FF Protagonists


Retro Games FTW!

Ongoing are the MK Project and Link’s Blacklist, also in the works for December are tributes of the 20th Anniversaries of Tekken and the first Playstation


We Are Doomed

Castlevania Art Tribute LogoMarch 2013

The Castlevania Series Art Tribute

The Virtual Worlds Project

The Beat ’em Up Genre Tribute


 2012 – 25 Years of Street Fighter, MegaMan and Final Fantasy

Mega Man Art Tribute

17th December 2012

Mega Man –

25th Anniversary of the Blue Bomber

Final Fantasy Anniversary Tribute

 18th December 2012

 The Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary



April 2012

The Street Fighter

25th Anniversary Tribute



2011 – the first Year for Game Art HQ

December 2011

The Boss Tribute Round I

Fighting Game Bosses

August 2011

A Tribute to the Battle Arena Toshinden

WIP again!