Yoshi's Story Nintendo 64 Tribute on Game-Art-HQ by Anokazue 

All the Yoshis from Yoshi’s Story drawn by Anokazue

“Whenever the Nintendo 64 system comes to mind, I’m always reminded of my childhood memories with my two brothers. We would gather in the living room, turn on the system and play games together! Yoshi’s story was one of my favourite games to play due to its storybook theme and the adorable characters and settings. Its monsters are also less intimidating as compared to other games (like Ocarina of Time; some parts of the game frightened the 6-year-old me haha)

Now that my brothers and I are all grown up and with the new gaming systems like 3DS and Wii introduced, our N64 system had been stored away for a long time. Despite that, my memories of N64 and Yoshi’s Story remain vivid even after so many years ^^ “


Yoshi's Story drawn by Myaco for the N64 Tribute on Game-Art-HQ 

Yoshi’s Story drawn by Myaco



Yoshi’s Story is the first big Yoshi game without Mario playing a significant part in it and was one of the last Nintendo 64 games in 1997, actually it was just released 3 days before Christmas in Japan! The game was receiving very mixed reactions by reviewers worldwide and was criticised for being much smaller than Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island and also a lot easier. 

The game still became a financial success though and spawned multiple sequels, it was maybe not the strongest game in Nintendo’s catalogue for the N64, but for sure one of the most lovely ones that could be played by the whole family and enjoyed by younger gamers as well.




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