W Game Character Name Game or Game Series Year the Game Character debuted: Role(s) Developer(s) Game-Art-HQ Art Projects
Wakka Wakka Final Fantasy X        
  Walter Sullivan Silent Hill 4: The Room     1 Fan Art  
Wander-(SOTC) Wander Shadow of the Colossus        
  Wang Jinrei Tekken Series   Official Art    
  Wang Tang PowerStone Series     Fan Art  
Wario Wario Super Mario Bros  The Villains Art Challenge      
  Warrior of Light Final Fantasy   Official Art    
  Weezer Pokemon     Fan Art  
  Whip King of Fighters Series   Official Art    
Whispy-Woods Whispy Woods Kirby Series Villains Art Challenge      
  White Wolfos Legend of Zelda Series Link’s Blacklist      
  Wiggler Super Mario Bros Series




  Fan Art  
William Birkin William Birkin Resident Evil Series        
  Windfish Zelda: Link’s Awakening     Fan Art  
  Witch Class Path of Exile     1 Fan Art  
  Witch Doctor Class Diablo Series     1 Fan Art  
  Wizard Class Diablo Series     1 Fan Art  
Wizpig Wizpig Diddy Kong Racing Series Villains Art Challenge      
  Wolfgang Krauser Fatal Fury & KOF Series Boss Tribute R1      
  Wolverine Marvel Comics based Games   Official Art Fan Art  
Wonder-Red Wonder-Red The Wonderful 101 The GA-HQ Nintendo Challenge      
  Wonder Momo Wonder Momo   Official Art    
Wonder-Woman Wonder Woman DC Comics Games       Cosplay Art