Hello, it’s great you found this website and community via one of the search engines, through a link on social networks or somewhere else.

Game-Art-HQ.com is this website where you can find all kinds of art related to video games including official game art like wallpapers or renders and concept works as well as selected fan art and cosplay and also fan art made for the art collaborations that are hosted here and range from a big tribute to the many Mortal Kombat characters to a whole Bestiary of the Legend of Zelda series, Anniversary Tributes to the Playstation and Nintendo consoles and a lot more. Last but not least Game-Art-HQ.com is also a growing video game character database with more and more features and entries every month. 


The site was created on the 20th June 2011 after I had a convo with my girlfriend about creating a website for game related artworks. It is heavily inspired by David W. Lloyd’s (djpretzel) OverClockedRemix, one of the coolest video game related websites and communities ever.

Me? I am a German gamer, my name is Reinhold Hoffmann and I was born in 1980. I never learned webdesign, html and am not an artist either. Even my English is everything but perfect. But I had and have the motivation to create this place and make it a cool place. In 2012, I created the Game-Art-HQ DeviantART Group and got a ton of really awesome gamers together there that have the talent to illustrate video games in so many different ways and forms. I started a Mortal Kombat art collaboration back in 2011 and more than enough great people liked the idea and drew Sub-Zero, Mileena and all the others. Later I started more projects and this website evolved and evolved just like our community over at dA.

The community on deviantART was founded by me in March 2012 and is now over 7000 members strong with around 600 of them being active contributors that participated with multiple fan arts in our game art collaborations.

I am organizing the art collaborations there on dA, also hold art contests and challenges, the art collaborations are hosted here on this website.


This website gets around 2500-3000 visitors per day now and our art projects were featured sometimes on some of the bigger gaming sites like Kotaku, Eurogamer, Game Informer or Destructoid.

You don’t find clickbait here, no cosplay articles that are all about showing as much skin as possible or articles only there to stir up people. We are simply gamers that like to spend our time and talents to create and show beautiful video game related art.

This makes it very rare that our collaborations are featured by big sites though,


That’s more or less all. If you like to contact me because something Game-Art-HQ.com related you can reach me via reinholdh666@gmail.com

I am also at Twitter as @GameArtHQ

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