Sexy Mai Shiranui KOF

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Okay, that with Mai Shiranui uncensored was a bit mean since Andy Bogard just came to Game Art HQ’s rescue 😉 Seriously that is the funniest censorship i have ever seen and this pin up style art about the famous Fatal Fury / King of Fighter’s beauty is still somewhat erotic i think. This was made by Alex García P from Spain. You can see a real uncensored version of this on Alex dA gallery here


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Mai Shiranui Sexy

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Fun Fact, this fan art of Mai Shiranui is getting hundreds of views every day, a lot more than any of the over 25 other Mai Shiranui artworks or cosplays here. A lot people click on the link because they thought Mai would really be uncensored here..heh….trolling is fun 😉