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Gen my Entry
I chose Gen to challenge myself at drawing an old guy, there were a few other characters left but gen just stood out as a great idea.
What I like most about him is his awesome design and assassin style moveset and the fact that even though he is actually dying, he still kicks ass
My entry was to show that he is a baddass, I used photoshop and a tablet to draw it up and paint, took about 1 week on and off


by Dzoan




 Gen is one of the characters from the original Street Fighter I game, who made a comeback in the Street Fighter Alpha series and a third appearance in the home versions of Street Fighter IV and its later installments

He is a Chinese kung fu master and also a former assassin, while he is mostly known and feared in the chinese underworld he also teached Yun and Yang.

Gen is so far the only Street Fighter character who can switch between fighting styles and has 2 complete different movesets




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Gen   my Entry



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