Dodongo LoZ for Link's Blacklist

Nope! This is not a Triceratops, it is a Dodongo and encounters Link the first time in the second dungeon of the Legend of Zelda. Good that Link has a Bomb there ready to throw..


Dodongo LoZ Sprite


“My entry for the 2nd round of Link’s Blacklist on Game Art HQ took me about 48 hrs from modelling, texturing, rendering and post editing.

This is the Dodongo from the first Legend of Zelda for the NES; I based it on  Nintendo’s official art of this game.

The classic Dodongo can’t spit fire so it’s obvious it’s attacks would be charging at foes, I think that’s why its appearance is more of an armored triceratops than a big lizard, also this one has strong back legs instead of the frog-like ones that have the other family members of the Dodongo species.

With this one I tried out a new way of texturing.”

Dodongo LoZ Original Art

Efraimrdz from Mexico created multiple breath-taking illustrations for Link’s Blacklist and a few other of our  other art collaborations. Instead of using the moretraditional ways like drawing and painting, you can see that he is experienced with 3D software which resulted in some of the most detailed fan artworks ever made for these classic Legend of Zelda characters.

I totally recommend to check out his whole portfolio there on dA!



Dodongo LoZ Battle

Back in 1986, the Dodongo was based on the Triceratops, a herbivorous (plant eating) Dinosaur species which lived around 68-65 million years ago and just like the old reptile, the Dodongo wants to defend its place there in Hyrule’s dungeons it seems.

While a single Dodongo is the boss in the 2nd dungeon of the game, they appear again later as a pair in other dungeons od the first and second quest as Mini-Bosses sometimes.

The Dodongo is pretty easy to defeat with a few well placed bombs, just like in later games when this agressive species returns as flame-spiting giant reptiles.



Other Dodongo in Link’s Blacklist:

King Dodongo LOZ OoT for Link's Blacklist

King Dodongo (OoT)




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