Chun Li is simply the most popular video game female ever.

Made history, made a real impact on the game industry, and made millions of gamers wondering about how she would be in real life ūüėČ

Okay..maybe that’s just me…


Anyway let’s get back to this gallery, here you can see some of the nicest artworks, fans of Chun Li and Street Fighter created to tribute her and her damn epic legs.

Now stop reading, and start viewing the art ūüôā

Chun Li Render

Chun Li Render



Chun Li, drawn for the Game Art HQ Street Fighter Art Tribute


Chun Li from Street Fighter  РArt drawn by her Fans worldwide

Since there are multiple designs for Chun Li we splitted this gallery a bit and start with her classic Street Fighter II outfit and continue with her Street Fighter Alpha design, additional Street Fighter IV costumes and finally redesigns of Chun Li and her costumes, made by the here featured artists!

Chun Li, drawn in her traditional / classic Street Fighter II Kung Fu Costume:


Chun Li by Julia Lichty 

Chun Li by Julia Lichty

Chun Li Wallpaper by_fernando carvalho

Realistic Chun Li Wallpaper


Chun Li by Andreas Holzendorf

by Andreas Holzendorf


by Fadly Rhomdani

Chun Li by Stanley Artgerm Lau

by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau


by Jon Sommariva

Chun Li Street Fighter Art by_Andreas Holzendorf

by Andreas Holzendorf

sexy chun li art by tovio rogers

by Tovio Rogers

spinning bird kick art by tovio rogers

by Tovio Rogers

chunli street fighter game character fan art by_orientalowl

by OrientalOwl

Chun li Evil Art by Fernando Martin

by Fernando Martin


by Daniel Vandrell

Chun Li  SF Street Fighterby Cedric Poulat

by Cedric Poulat

Chun Li Udon Street Fighter Tribute Book Entry by Cedric Poulat

by Cedric Poulat 

Chun Li KIKOKEN by M. Ansar Ali


Chun Li in her Street Fighter Alpha design

ChunLi Alpha by artgerm

by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau

alpha_chun_li-street-fighter by tovio rogers

by Tovio Rogers

Tenshoukyaku chun li sf street fighter by tom waterhouse

by Tom Waterhouse

chun_li sf street fighter alpha by Oscar Celestini

by Oscar Celestini


Chun Li, drawn in her additional costumes from Street Fighter IV

Chun Li SFIV Costume by Dan Howard

by Dan Howard



Redesign Ideas by the featured artists about Chun Li

 Chun Li Robot by Luis SantiagoChun Li Robot

by Luis Santiago

Street Fighter 5 Chun Li by Arman Akopian

by Arman Akopian