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Blanka his Entry

“As a character from the classic SF2, Blanka was indeed a memorable design. He was one of the very first “oddball/freak” characters (Dhalsim from the same game being the other), with his green skin and almost inhuman, ape-like appearance, he really stood out among the crowd

Blanka`s fighting style was also one of the more original ones, for a long time, he was the only one with the “high attack, high speed, low defence” stats, and with the electrifying move as a means of defence and a variety of angled rolling attacks best used as punishing attacks, he did take some time and practice to get used to and use effectively, but once you did, he was a force to be reckoned with.

And even to this day, not many characters play similar to him, only boosting his originality.”

“Blanka was one of the first characters I ever played in the good ol’ SF2, and over time, he became my strongest main, so for the SF Tribute project he was an all to obvious choice.

And in my entry, I really wanted to do justice to his wild and feral fighting style, to show him as the unstoppable beast he is during the fight, ripping his opponent to shreds with lightning covered claws.”


Blanka Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tribute Banana

by Fedde

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Blanka his Entry

Never heard of Street Fighter II? I hadn’t before the first time I sat down in front of it and picked up that SNES controller, picking the fighter of my taste, D-stick stepping to the green beast with orange hair.

Yes, there need to be a relation to each and every Street Fighter character, and hmmpf., Blanka was the one that took my virginity. It was Electric!

When spawning ideas for this piece I didn’t have much of the early Beast in mind but wanted to play around with the vegetarian Blanka from later games (pineapples and so on, you know..) and went almost right away with the idea of him leaping for a tasty banana.

When I had a decent composition in mind I made a detailed sketch of him and the banana and put the sketch on my lightbox and inked the lines ready for a scan into Photoshop and some colour jobs(80-90% of the work was in Photoshop. The sketch and lineart took about 1-1½hours).







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