Kratos God of War Sexy Genderbender Cosplay Art

There are really not many female cosplayers that can cosplay as very masculine, very strong and very brutal game characters like Kratos or Sagat from Street Fighter but MissSinisterCosplay is one of these few attractive artists that create really believable female versions of them.

I still need to fight this lady in Tekken and hope we get that done when Tekken 7 arrives on the Playstation 4 by the end of the year 🙂 If she loses she has to cosplay as a Tekken character of my choice, if I lose, I cosplay to a character of her choice, do you accept the challenge? 😉


Beside the great cosplay, you can also see a big variation of aftertouch/post composition works in this photo that were done by Rubén “Hidrico” Madrid. The photo itself was made by Foto Mike.


Update: Looks like either myself or MissSinister might up cosplaying Bryan Fury 🙂