Cammy White Street Fighter Chronicles by Arman I-GUYJIN-I AkopianCammy White – The Killer Bee is back


Street Fighter fan art and also fan fiction is quite popular, almost every 4th or 5th artist on deviantART who ever drew a video game character seems to have at least one Cammy, Chun Li or Ryu illustration in his gallery ūüôā

Redesigned Street Fighter characters however with some thought put behind each redesign is rarely seen.

Arman “I-GUYJIN-I” Akopian from Canada is one of the fans who are creating a whole series of Street Fighter redesigns. His works are pretty unique in that they are both detailed, sometimes pretty emotional and are accompanied by new background profiles for the Street Fighter II characters.

Arman described his series with the following:

Its a small project that I am doing for fun, trying to imagine what would the characters of SF II look like later in the years to come. More of a re-design challenge if you will.Stories that come with the art are secondary and not canon, so they shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

After all I am not a writer and moreover, English is not my native language :) So enjoy the images and feel free to leave your comments!

This series is not completed, and this article will most likely be updated when Arman is releasing the next part of the Street Fighter Chronicles!




Ryu Street Fighter by Arman Akopian


Ryu and Ken Masters…or whats left of them…

Ryu‘s soul got consumed by the Dark Hadou, and made him an uncontrollable raging shell of his former self.. Ken Masters, left by his cheating former wife and cursed with bad Mojo has to make the decision to either help his former friend Ryu or himself.

Ken Masters Street Fighter V by Arman Akopian

Ken Masters

Arman’s redesigns and stories for the two main protagonists of the Street Fighter series are among the darkest ones in his series.

Street Fighter 5 Chun Li by Arman Akopian

Chun Li

Chun Li and Guile were once partners and fought together against Shadaloo and M.Bison but after Chun Li found out that the man who betrayed her father, worked for Interpol as well she dealt with him and joined a Chinese counter-intelligence squad.

Guile Street Fighter by Arman Akopian


Guile’s fate changed drastically after he became numb through his own special move..the Sonic Boom. He got released from the US Air Force, and knocked out a high military officer into¬† coma and was put in jail for two years. Today he is smuggling persons from Mexico to Texas it seems.

Akuma Gouki Street Fighter Chronicles Art Series

Akuma (Gouki in Japan)

Akuma the Raging Demon who defeated M.Bison once without having a problem.

The Dark Hadou consumed not only his mind but eventually also his physical body. Akuma’s body was destroyed but his spirit is still rampaging in the astral plane. Knowing what was happening to Ryu he attempts to use his body as a vessel, he will use every chance to possess it.


Fei Long Street Fighter by Arman Akopian

Fei Long

E.Honda Street Fighter by Arman Akopian


Zangief Street Fighter by Arman Akopian


Fei Long barely escaped with his life after a fight with Vega and joined a Shaolin Temple to gain a much bigger knowledge about many different Kung Fu martial art styles, he is back after three years and is looking forward to get his revenge in a rematch with Vega.

Honda, the former sumo wrestler joined the Yakuza (The Japanese Mafia) with the goal to use it against Shadaloo and became the strong and mighty Oyabun who united all the many small Yakuza clans in Japan to one big organization.

Zangief had a much better fate than most of the World Warriors and went the religious path. It is unknown how he found his way to God, but now he is living alone in the wilderness of Siberia, chopping wood and wrestle the unlucky bears which cross his path.


Vega Street Fighter by Arman Akopian

“Cyber” Vega

The boss characters from Street Fighter II, Vega from Spain and Sagat from Thailand went very different ways after the tournament.

While Sagat was strongly disappointed with Ryu being not himself anymore he felt robbed from his rematch he waited for since a long time. He did not know what to do and left the martial arts scene until he heard rumors about tournaments to the death where only one man would be able to leave the ring. These tournaments gave him back his fighting spirit and made him feel alive again.

Sagat Street Fighter by Arman Akopian


Vega crossed the path with the raging Ryu and paid it almost with his life. His beautiful body and his face were destroyed, but M.Bison saw this as a chance to test his new technology to create cyber soldiers.

Vega can walk and fight again but is a cyborg now, much stronger than before. Vega is full of hate for Ryu and kills everyone who was once befriended to Ryu.

 Update РJanuar 2014

Balrog SF Chronicles

Balrog joins the Street Fighter Chronicles Idea with a quite believable story with a nice twist about the in-game Balrog and his problems with grapplers.

Learning a second combat style like Sambo might be the right decision for the Boxer.