It has been a long while since we did our Street Fighter Art Tribute in 2012, and the most of our SF themed galleries did not grow in those 12 months.

Time to change that a bit in the next time with a new article every sunday in the next weeks which will feature 3-8 Street Fighter fan art images for 5 SF characters by different artists with the target to feature more artists on Game-Art-HQ and have a much bigger variation of styles in the fan art sectors here!

Dan Hibiki Thumbs Up

Dan Hibiki Fan Art by_noktyl

Dan Hibiki by noktyl

Let’s start with a Dan Hibiki Fan Art by Noktyl, a French gamer and big fighting game fan who participated in our Samurai Shodown Art Contest earlier this year.

Dan is such a weirdo..i see him like a relic from the time when SNK was a big competition for Capcom on the fighting game sector while almost nobody today still remembers Art of Fighting and knows that Dan was once based on characters like Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia ūüôā



¬†Akuma, the “Raging Demon” is quite the opposite from Dan, and one of the most serious Street Fighter characters, Dan would have 1000 good reasons to cry if he would have to fight Akuma.

He was drawn here by Maruceru from Brazil who was featured on Game-Art-HQ before already with his Lilith from Borderlands 2. This Akuma illustration is the 2nd time he drew him with that theme.


Akuma The Raging Demon Fan Art by_maruceru

Akuma by Maruceru


Rose Street Fighter Fan Art by Hanzo Steinbach

by Hanzo Steinbach

Rose Street Fighter Alt Costume by by Lixin Wang

by Lixin Wang

Rose Street Fighter Alt Costume Fan Art by Cedric Poulatby Cedric Poulat

Rose, the beautiful Italian fortune teller never got the popularity of Chun Li or Cammy, and maybe even R.Mika and Karin have more fans than her, but i just love her character design and

her fighting style as well. As one of the relative few Street Fighter characters she also has a quite interesting background which involves M.Bison and the mysterious “Psycho Power”

¬†Since Street Fighter IV, SF characters have different least if they (the costumes) are bought as additional DLC. It seems though that at least Ultra Street Fighter IV’s physical release will come with the previous DLC costumes included in early 2014.

I myself love Rose’s 2nd alt. costume which changes her into a hot flamenco dancer (i think). Seems i am not alone with that opinion since damn talented fans like Lixin Wang from Australia and Cedric Poulat from France drew her in that costume. Cedric was featured before on GA-HQ with multiple of his works already btw. while Lixin also joined multiple of our art collaborations since the big Street Fighter Art Tribute in 2012, check out our Link’s Blacklist¬† for more of her works here!

See ya next Sunday!