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Fei Long my Entry
I wanted to do Fei Long for my tribute as he has some of the coolest moves in the Street Fighter series, with some dope special kicks like the Shienkyaku and the Rekkukyaku, as well as the devastating one inch punch.
As well as being a fierce fighter, he is also a movie star, which is pretty cool, I mean apart from Jean- Claude Van Damme how many other Street Fighters can say that!
After thumbnailing away for a while I decided to paint Fei Long performing his Shienkyaku (Kindling Blaze Kick) technique as I felt this would make for a dynamic image, with the flaming kick providing dramatic lighting and motion.
I tried to keep the image framed tight into the action so the viewer would feel like Fei Long’s foot is rushing right past their head.
I did the line art in Adobe Illustrator, and I painted the colors in Photoshop, I used a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet.
Hopefully I’ve done Fei Long justice and successfully brought his personality and fighting style to life.


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Fei Long my Entry



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