Isabella “Ivy” Valentine is one of the most popular female fighting game characters of today. She was introduced in SoulCalibur back in the year 1998 and returned in all sequels of the game so far, including the spinoff game SoulCalibur Legends and the free2play game SoulCalibur: Lost Swords that was closed in 2015.

Ivy Valentine was revealed to return in SoulCalibur VI (2018) in February.

Together with Taki and Sophitia, Ivy Valentine is one of the more often drawn females from SoulCalibur, due to her revealing outfits, her dominant and sometimes harsh sounding character she is very attractive for many artists to draw, she is also one of the most cosplayed SoulCalibur characters.

According to her background story she is familiar with alchemy and magic, her father is one of the antagonists of the series, Cervantes De Leon. She fights with a sword that can be changed into a chain /whip with blades to use it for longer distances and unexpected moves.



Ivy Valentine from the SoulCalibur Games: an Overview

Charactername: Ivy Valentine   Developed /Created by Namco
Gameseries:  SoulCalibur   First seen on: Arcades
First Game: SoulCalibur   Year first seen in: 1998
Last Game: SoulCalibur VI (2018)
  Birthplace: England
Role(s) and Characteristics:  Fighting Game Character   Weapons or Martial Arts Style:  
Additional Tags:     Similar Characters:  
Has Relations to: Cervantes (Her Father)   See also:  


Official Game Art like promotional Illustrations of Ivy Valentine

SoulCalibur VI (2018)

Ivy Valentine SCV Art

Soul Calibur V (2012)

Ivy Valentine SoulCalibur V Art

Soul Calibur V (2012)

Ivy Valentine SC Broken Destiny

Soul Calibur Broken Destiny (2009)

Ivy-Valentine SC IV Art-

Soul Calibur IV (2008)

Ivy Valentine Render SCIV 

Soul Calibur IV (2008)

Ivy Valentine SoulCalibur IV UFS Art

Soul Calibur IV UFS (2008)


Soul Calibur III (2005)


Soul Calibur III (2005)

Soul Calibur II Game Character Official Artwork Render Ivy ValentineSoul Calibur II Game Character Official Artwork Render Ivy Valentine 3

Soul Calibur II (2002)

Ivy Valentine drawn for the Game-Art-HQ Video Game Character Database


Ivy is without the most popular of the SoulCalibur characters due to her attractive looks, revealing costumes aner her usually very funny play-style and a weapon that can be a Chain as well as a Sword. She is also the first of the SoulCalibur characters drawn for our Video Game Character Database.

Kargonaute, who is a part of our community since we started doing art collaborations in 2011 created the illustration with her classic design from the first SoulCalibur game in mind!

I recommend to visit his whole gallery on dA here!




Selected Fan Art and Cosplay Photos of Ivy Valentine

Ivy Valentine in her sexy SCII Look

Ivy Valentine from SoulCalibur II by Carlos Morilla

Ivy Cosplay Ivy Valentine Cosplay by Crystal Graziano Ivy  Cosplay Soul Calibur V by Crystal Graziano Ivy Valentine  Cosplayer  

All by Crystal Graziano and her photographers

Ivy Valentine Pin Up Art

SoulCalibur IV Ivy

by Daniel Vendrell Oduber

Ivy Valentine Chibi

Chibi Ivy

by Carlos Morilla

Ivy is uber-sexy

by Carlos Morilla

Ivy Valentine Portrait

by Pio Paulo Santana

Ivy SC Redesign

by Pio Paulo Santana

Ivy Valentine SoulCalibur V Fan Art

Ivy from SCV

by ecc-u

Ivy SoulCalibur V

by Pio Paulo Santana

Ivy from SoulCalibur

by Jorge Montiel Peniche

Ivy Valentine Cosplay

Ivy Valentine Cosplay

by Giulia Presti

Ivy Valentine Cosplay by_ivycosplay

 Ivy Valentine Cosplay

by Giulia Presti


Additions and Updates in the Ivy Valentine Game Art Gallery and Character Overview:

22.02.2018 – Ivy Valentine’s SoulCalibur VI Art added

03.10.2017 – New Header Image /Screenshot, the Ivy Illustration by Kargonaute for this gallery added