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Rufus my Entry

Rufus is a new character and he is very funny!! Is the new addition for street fighter IV , he may be stupid, grotesc, and speaks very much… but it is first impression.Really, he is a rapid, Agile, and powerful fighter.

He is the best character and your legend newly it begin… (As graceful Character or as good fighter … only the players were demonstrating it)

I wanted that Rufus shows the contrast of if same… In a position elegant that alone would stay well in chun li or another martial artist but he is Awkward and funny for his figure.

I Use Pen and Photoshop coloured in this work.


rufus sf tribute by_jti13

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Rufus his Entry




Rufus is one of the characters introduced in Street Fighter IV.

Funny enough his design changed multiple times drastically and his first concept sketches showed a totally different character.

While Rufus is well..”big” and makes use of what gamers know from the Dead or Alive games as the popular “bouncing effect” he is like Bob in Tekken a very fast and agile character, using Kung Fu

Rufus 2nd appereance so far is in Street Fighter X Tekken



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