VG Character Name Game or Game Series Game-Art-HQ Art Projects Art made by the Creators Art made by Fans Cosplays of the Character
  Pac-Man Pac-Man Series  June 2014 Character 1 Official Art 4 Fan Arts  
  Pagan War Gods FGE Project 2 Screenshots 1 Fan Art  
Pagan-Min Pagan Min     2 Official Artworks 1 Fan Art  
  Palumpolum Girl Final Fantasy XIII   Official Art    
  Palutena (Lady) Kid Icarus & Smash Bros.   3 Official Illustrations 1 Fan Art  
  Panda Tekken Series   Official Art    
  Patroklos SoulCalibur V   Official Art Fan Art  
  Paul Phoenix Tekken Series   Official Art Fan Art  
  Pedro MK Fake Character Mortal Kombat Tribute      
  Peter Puppy Earthworm Jim Series     1 Fan Art  
  Phantom Final Fantasy Series     Fan Art  
  Phantom Ganon LoZ Ocarina of Time Link’s Blacklist      
  Phoenix Marvel Comics Based Games   Official Art    
  Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Series   3 Official Arts 2 Fan Arts  
Pia Pia Rune Factory Series Nintendo Challenge 1 Official Art + 2 Sprite Rips 1 Fan Art  
  Pidgeot Pokemon     1 Fan Art  
  Pidgit Super Mario Bros 2     Fan Art  
  Pikachu Pokemon Series   2 Official Artworks 4 Fan Arts  
  Pinky (Fido) Doom Series

We Are Doom

20th Anniversary

  Piranha Plant Super Mario Bros Series   Official Art    
  Pit Kid Icarus Series   3 Official Artworks 2 Fan Arts  
  Poe & Poe Sisters Legend of Zelda Series Link’s Blacklist      
  Poe Collector Legend of Zelda Series Link’s Friendlist      
Final Fight & Street Fighter Series Street Fighter Tribute 5 Official Artworks 10 Fan Arts  
  Poliwag Pokemon Series Nintendo Challenge I 2 Official Artworks 2 Fan Arts  
  Poliwrath Pokemon Series     Fan Art  
  Porum & Palom Final Fantasy IV   Official Art    
Princess-Hilda Princess Hilda Legend of Zelda ALBW   1 Official Artwork 1 Fan Art  
  Princess Peach Super Mario Bros Series   4 Official Artworks 9 Fan Arts  
  Princess Ruto Legend of Zelda OoT & Hyrule Warriors   4 Official Artworks 1 Fan Art  
  Princess Zelda Legend of Zelda Series   1 Official Artwork 4 Fan Arts  
  Prinny Disgaea Series     Fan Art  
  Prishe Final Fantasy XI   Official Art    
Prof Layton Professor Layton Professor Layton Series   2 Promotional Artworks 2 Fan Arts  
  Proto Man MegaMan Series     Fan Art  
  Psycho Mantis Metal Gear Solid     1 Fan Art  
  Psycrow Earthworm Jim Series     2 Fan Arts  
  Ptooie Super Mario Bross Series     Fan Art  
  Pullum Purna Street Fighter EX Series Street Fighter Tribute      
  Puppet Ganon LoZ Wind Waker Link’s Blacklist      
  Puppet Zelda (Possessed Zelda) Legend of Zelda Series Link’s Blacklist      
  Pyramid Head Silent Hill Series     Fan Art  
  Pyro Team Fortress 2     1 Fan Art  
  Pyron Darkstalkers Series Boss Tribute R1      
  Pyrrha SoulCalibur V     Fan Art