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Balrog his Entry

I have to start with that I like Balrog since i was kid and I played Street Fighter II.

His rough vision always impressed me and i can`t forget how his special power punch bringed me plenty won rounds on the arcade.

I started with some rough sketches to define his stance. The main idea was for him to look out of his mind and unbeatable.

One of my first ideas was to make him with the heavyweight championship title and chick on his shoulders but then i thought it was going to be far from street fighter style. And yeah is better to byte ropes than the enemy`s ear




Balrog, who was originally named M. Bison (but changed to Balrog from legal issues with Mike Tyson), had made his debut in Street Fighter II.

Balrog has made attendance in other games including Street Fighter Alpha 3, Capcom vs SNK 1+2 & SNK vs Capcom, and Street Fighter IV. His newest appereance in a game is Street Fighter X Tekken

Balrog is considered a rival of Dudley, another Boxer, who is the complete polar opposite of Balrog.

In Street Fighter Alpha 3, Balrog mentions to some unlucky opponents, that he will bite off their ear, a reference to Mike Tyson’s famous “Bite Fight”.  




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Balrog my Entry



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