Edmond Honda is a sumo wrestler, serious guy..and Street Fighter since SFII in 1991.

He was left out in some of the Street Fighter games and has not half as many fans than the most other SF characters it seems

..but the most fan art related to Honda is at least really nice to watch at. From funny parodies to some really cool official artworks, this gallery will show you the best art about E.Honda!



E.Honda from the Street Fighter Games: an Overview

Charactername: E.Honda   Developed /Created by Capcom
Gameseries: Street Fighter   First seen in: Arcades 
First Game:  Street Fighter II   Year first seen in: 1991
Last Game: Ultra Street Fighter IV   Birthplace: Japan
Role(s) and Characteristics:  Fighting Game Character   Weapons or Martial Arts Style: Sumo Wrestling
Additional Tags:     Similar Characters: Ganryu (Tekken), 
Has Relations to:     See also:  


Official Artworks and Illustrations of E.Honda

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (2010)



Capcom Vs SNK 2 (2001)

Street Fighter Alpha 3 (1998)

Street Fighter Alpha 3 (1998)

Honda Street Fighter II Original Artwork from 1990

Street Fighter II (1991)




E.Honda in Game-Art-HQ Community Projects:

E.Honda-SF   HONDA-SF-Tribute-by-Stlemon

 We tributed the Street Fighter series in 2012 with a giant art gallery including at least 2 illustrations of every Street Fighter character.

The E.Honda artworks left and right were part of this project.


Selected and featured Fan Art of Edmond Honda on Game-Art-HQ:

E.Honda Street Fighter by Arman Akopian

by Arman Akopian

Honda (SF) Art

by D3RX

Edmondo Honda SF by Arie Prajoedi

by Arie Prajoedi



Updates and additions in E.Honda’s Game Art Gallery and Character Overview:

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