Uriko Nonomura , more known as Uriko the Half Beast or Uriko the Cat is one of the playable characters in the Bloody Roar fighting games by Eighting & Hudsonsoft that were released between 1997-2003.

Uriko debuted as the difficult to beat final boss of the first Bloody Roar (1997) and was only fought in her Beast form, she was unplayable in the first game and the developers changed her character design completely in Bloody Roar 2 (1999).

She was no longer overpowered and was playable from the start as one of the 5 new characters in the game. Instead of turning into a giant monster, Uriko was now a cute girl who could transform herself into a similar cute Half Beast or Cat-girl that uses Kenpō as well as many attacks that would fit a feline character. 

She did not appear in any other video games and it seems unlikely that the Bloody Roar fighting game series will be revived. 


Uriko from the Bloody Roar Games: an Overview

Charactername: Uriko the Half-beast / Uriko Nonomura   Developed /Created by Eighting 
Gameseries:  Bloody Roar   First seen on: Arcades
First Game:  Bloody Roar   Year first seen: 1997
Last Game: Bloody Roar 4 (2003)   Birthplace: Japan 
Role(s) and Characteristics: Fighting Game Boss & Fighting Game Character   Martial Arts Style: Kenpō 
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Has Relations to: Mitsuko (Mother), Alice (Friend)   See also:  



Official Game Art like promotional Illustrations of Uriko from Bloody Roar



Bloody Roar 3 (2000)


Bloody Roar II (1999)




Uriko from Bloody Roar drawn for the Game-Art-HQ Video Game Character Database



Uriko the Half-Beast from the funny Bloody Roar fighting games. I myself had a lot good times with all four parts and liked almost all characters from the whole series, but Uriko was always a special one for me since she was such a difficult boss in the first game, only to become a pretty cute – and fast – character in the sequels. 

Back in November we changed the guidelines of our Game Character DB collaboration and instead of characters from a list, artists could choose a game character of their choice, no matter if it was covered here before already. The German artist AnOtterOne who drew Bayonetta and Christie (from Dead or Alive) before, claimed Uriko as his surprising third character, and like with the other two before, he did not disappoint and created an excellent illustration of her. A few days later he also contributed Uriko in her Half-Beast form as a well appreciated bonus!

I recommend to have a look at his whole gallery, you can find a lot awesome drawings there including more fan art of fighting games as well!


Uriko in Game-Art-HQ Art Projects


Uriko was actually meant to be drawn in her appearance from the first Bloody Roar in our Fighting Game Boss Tribute from 2011, but in the end we got her much nicer on the eyes looking cuter design drawn for it, it was a mistake, but a beneficial one. Sheperd still thinks about it sometimes ;-P



Selected Fan Art and Cosplay of Uriko from Bloody Roar




Updates and Additions in Uriko’s Game Art Gallery and Character Overview

19.12.2017 – Creation of Uriko’s New Gallery and Character Overview that combines that official art and our new illustrations!