Guile in the U.S Navy

Sgt. Guile is a character of the Street Fighter series since SF II which was released in 1991 ..damn this character is 22 years old already and still kicks ass as one of the most iconic and popular fighting game characters in general!

His Hairstyle and serious but somewhat funny attitude shown in old and new win poses and phrases made him a truly legendary character who is often drawn and cosplayed as well.

This artwork was made by the American artist Jin Yung Kim as a submission for the 25th Anniversary of Street Fighter Art Contest by Capcom in summer 2012 and it was chosen by them to be a part of the SF Tribute Art Book which was released as part of a big SF Package together with SFXT and more. Congratz Jin!

Jin contributed a Street Fighter character portrait about the SFIII character “Q” to our own Street Fighter Tribute as well which you can see here.

If you like the style of these artworks, take a good look at Jin’s gallery over at dA as well. He draws all kinds of stuff beside fan art so you might find something interesting there for you for sure!