Final Fantasy VII’s main characters, illustrated by Mike “Sarrus” Williams

There are books you can read again and again, movies you can watch multiple times and video games that leave a strong impression on you even if you beat them multiple times already and their graphics and gameplay systems are twenty years old.

Final Fantasy VII was and is such a game. Well written from the start to the end and equipped with the awesome Materia, love and hate-able characters and the wonderful active timed battle system, aka ATB. 

I look forward to the Final Fantasy VII Remake that might be released somewhen this year but am sure that the old game will continue to impress people even in another 20 years.

Long-time GA_HQ contributor Mike Williams started this composition as a practice but in the end it turned out to be so good that he spend more time with it and created this illustration with over 15 characters on it. Now excuse me, I have this urge to load up FFVII on PS4 again ūüôā