VG Character Name Game or Game Series Game-Art-HQ Art Projects Art made by the Creators Art made by Fans Cosplays of the Character
A.B.A Guilty Gear Series   7 artworks including 1 render and 4  Ending Images 6 Fan Arts 2 Cosplay Photos
Abel Street Fighter Series SF Tribute Official Art like Renders & Concept Art Over 10 Fan Art drawings, Photomanipulations and Sprite Art  
Abelia Schillfelt SoulCalibur III   Official Art / Wallpaper & Screenshots    
Abyss Marvel vs Capcom 2 Boss Tribute R1 Sprites 3 selected Fan Arts + 2 made for the Boss Tribute  
Abyss SoulCalibur III Boss Tribute R1  Official Art like Renders, 1 Wallpaper, Concept Art, Screenshots 1 selected Fan Art + 1 made for the Boss Tribute  
Ace Street Fighter EX3 SF Tribute Official Renders, Portraits and Screenshots Selected Fan Art and 2 made for the SF 25th Anniversary  
Ada Wong Resident Evil Series   4 official Artworks 4 Fan Arts 5 Cosplay Photos
Adam Hunter Streets of Rage Series     1 Fan Art  
Adam Jensen Deus Ex: Human Revolution     2 Fan Arts  
Adelheid Bernstein King of Fighters Series   Around 10 official illustrations and concept sketches    
Adon Street Fighter Series SF Tribute 10 Official Artworks 5 Fan Arts  
Aeon Castlevania Judgement   1 Official Art    
Aerith Gainsborough
Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts  Soon 1 Official Art from FF Dissidia 012 3 Fan Arts 3 Cosplay Photos
Agahnim Legend of Zelda Series Link’s Blacklist 1 Official Art Just the 2 fan arts for Link’s Blacklist  
Agent 47 Hitman Series     2 Fan Arts  
Ahri League of Legends   1 Artwork and 3 3D Models showing her different skins in-game 6 Fan Arts  
Ai NeoGeo Battle Coliseum   3 Official Artworks 1 Fan Art  
Akari Ichio Last Blade Series   5 Official Artworks    
Akira Kazama Rival Schools Series   Over 10 Offical Artworks and Illustrations, Screenshots and In-Game Art of her 8 Fan Arts 1 Cosplay Photo
Akira Yuki Virtua Fighter Series   11 Official Illustrations + Screenshots 6 Fan Arts  
Akuma / Gouki Street Fighter & More SF Tribute Around 10 Official Artworks like Illustrations and promotional works Over 10 Fan Arts including a Sculpture of Akuma’s Head  
Alan Wake Alan Wake     1 Fan Art  
Alba Meira King of Fighters   Official Artworks and Illustrations as well as screenshots of all his 16 costumes KOF Redux Redesign Art  
Albatoss Super Mario Bros 2   1 Official Illustrations + Sprites 1 Fan Art  
Albert Wesker Resident Evil Series & More   22 Official Illustrations, Wallpapers and Scans 7 Fan Arts  
Alex Street Fighter Series  SF Tribute Around 20 official Illustrations and Screenshots Around 10 Fan Arts  
Alex Kidd Alex Kidd Series   Around 5 official Artworks Around 10 Fan Arts  
Algol SoulCalibur Series Boss Tribute R1 8 Official Artworks including Concept Art 2 Fan Arts  
Alice Tsukagami / Alice the Rabbit Bloody Roar Series   Over 20 official artworks, screenshots and more 5 Fan Arts  
Alisa Bosconovitch Tekken Series   Around 15 illustrations and 3D Model Renders Around 8 Fan Arts 4 Cosplay Photos
Allen Snider Street Fighter EX Series  SF Tribute 3 Officlal Artworks / In-Game Screens 6 Fan Arts including one sprite art.
Alsoomse Assassin’s Creed III   4 official Concept Artworks 4 Fan Arts 3 Cosplay Photos
Altair Assassin’s Creed Series
  Around 15 illustrations, Concept artworks and Wallpapers Around 10 artworks by fans  
Alucard Castlevania Series Castlevania SeriesTribute Over 20 official artworks, wallpapers and concept arts 7 Fan Arts  
Alus Restor Final Fantasy III   1 Official Artwork 1 Fan Art  
Amakusa Samurai Shodown Series Boss Tribute R1      
Amarant Coral Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy TWFF      
Amaterasu Okami Series   2 Official Arts 4 Fan Arts  
Amigo Samba de Amigo Series     Fan Art  
Amphisbaena Castlevania Series Castlevania Series Tribute      
Amy Sorel SoulCalibur Series   4 Official Artworks 2 Fan Arts  
Anakaris Darkstalkers Series   Official Art    
Andy Bogard Fatal Fury & KOF   6 Official Artworks 1 Fan Art  
Angel (KOF) King of Fighters Series   3 Official Arts 2 Fan Arts  
Angel (Tekken) Tekken Series     Fan Art  
Angol Fear SoulCalibur IV   1 Official Art    
Anima Final Fantasy X / X2   3 Official Artworks 1 Fan Art  
Anita Darkstalkers Series     Fan Art  
Anju Legend of Zelda Series Link’s Friendlist      
Anna Williams Tekken Series   Official Art Fan Art  
Annelia Runes of Magic     Fan Art  
Annette Castlevania Rondo of Blood Castlevania Tribute   Fan Art  
Anti-Mage Defense of the Ancients (DOTA)     Fan Art  
Anub’Arak World of Warcraft     Fan Art  
Anya Stroud Gears of War Series   1 Official Art 1 Fan Art  
Apprentice, The Star Wars Based Games   Official Art    
Ao Shin League of Legends   2 Concept Artworks 2 Fan Arts  
Aqua Kingdom Hearts   2 Official Artworks 2 Fan Arts 2 Cosplay Photos
Aquamentus Legend of Zelda Series Link’s Blacklist      
Arakune BlazBlue Series   Official Art    
Arcanine Pokemon    

Fan Art 1

Fan Art 2

Arch Vile Doom Series

We Are Doom

20th Anniversary

Area Street Fighter EX Series SF Tribute      
Argorok Zelda: Twilight Princess Link’s Blacklist   Fan Art  
Aria T’Loak Mass Effect Series     Fan Art  
Armadon Primal Rage     Fan Art  
Armor King Tekken Series   Official Art    
Armor Ralf King of Fighters MI 2   Official Art    
Arrghus Legend of Zelda Series Link’s Blacklist      
Arthas Menethil World of Warcraft     1 Fan Art  
Arthur Ghost N Goblins Series   Official Art    
Arthur SoulCalibur Series   Official Art    
Arylon the Dancer Final Fantasy Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary      
Ash Crimson King of Fighters Series   Official Art    
Ashe Final Fantasy XII     Fan Art  
Ashe the Frost Archer League of Legends   10 Official Splash Arts 2 Fan Arts  
Ashlotte SoulCalibur IV   Official Art    
Astaroth SoulCalibur Series   Official Art Fan Art  
Asuka Kazama Tekken Series   Official Art Fan Art  
Astos Final Fantasy     Fan Art  
Asura Asura’s Wrath     Fan Art  
Asura Samurai Shodown 64   Official Art    
Athena Athena Series   Official Art Fan Art  
Athena Asamiya King of Fighters Series   Official Art    
Auron Final Fantasy X     Fan Art  
Axel Kingdom Hearts Series     Fan Art  
Axel Stone Streets of Rage Series     Fan Art  
Ayame Power Stone Series     Fan Art  
Ayame Tenchu Series     Fan Art