Aerith Profile

Aerith Gainsborough, the Flower Girl from Final Fantasy VII which gets killed by Sephiroth during the game gained a ton of fans and recurred in the FFVII spinoff games, the Advent Children movie, a few other Final Fantasy games and was made a character in the Kingdom Hearts series later as well.

She is shown as an innocent, a bit shy girl who is a big contrast to Tifa, the other popular FFVII girl.

Aerith is till today often drawn and cosplayed, she is a truly timeless game character design and loved by many players. Edit: The Remake of Final Fantasy VII rose her popularity once again of course.

In this gallery here you can find official illustrations and concept art of Aerith made and shared by the Square Enix Artists and also selected drawn art and cosplays by the many fans worldwide.


Aerith Gainsborough from the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Games: an Overview

Charactername: Aerith Gainsborough   Developed /Created by Square-Enix
Gameseries: Final Fantasy, later Kingdom Hearts too   First seen on: Sony Playstation
First Game: Final Fantasy VII   Year first seen in: 1997
Last Game: Final Fantasy VII (2020)    Nationality:
Role(s) and Characteristics: Protagonist, Support Character /NPC   Weapons: Staff Type Weapons
Additional Tags: Killed (In Final Fantasy VII 1997)   Similar Characters:  
Has Relations to: Cloud Strife (Love Interest?)   See also: Aerith in the FF Wikia



Official Art of Aerith like illustrations and Concept sketches:

Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 Game Character Official Artwork Render Aerith - Original, Amano, Crisis Core

Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 (2011)

Aerith Kingdom Hearts II In-Game

Kingdom Hearts II (2005)





Sooner or later, Aerith Gainsborough will be a part of our Final Fantasy “Those who fight further” Art Tribute, you read more about it here


Selected Fan Art of Aerith featured on Game-Art-HQ:

Cloud and Aerith FFVII

Cloud & Aerith


aerith FFVII Final Fantasy fan art by_B03DI

Aerith Portrait Art

by B03DI

Aerith Fan Art by_ephemeralvision

The Flower Girl

by Ephemeralvision

Aerith Aeris Final Fantasy VII Fan Art by B-AGT

Aerith Portrait Art

by B-AGT

Beautiful Aerith from FFVII Custom Costume

Custom Costume for Aerith

by  AlNiCo-ism



Selected Cosplays of Aerith:

Aerith FFVII Crisis Core Cosplay

Cosplay: Ansuchi

Photo: theDevil-Photography

Aerith Cosplay by Narga-Lifestream

Cosplay: Narga Lifesteam

Photo: Arwen-Photo

Aerith Cosplay by ArwenPhoto

Cosplay:Narga Lifesteam

Photo: Arwen-Photo

Aerith Cosplay

by Narga-Lifestream