Ace win pose in Street Fighter EX3


Ace’s Game History 

Ace is a character who only appeared in Street Fighter EX3 released in the year 2000 for the Playstation 2 by Arika & Capcom. The cooperation of Arika and Capcom ended after SFEX 3 and while Fighting EX Layer was released in 2018, it seems unlikely that Arika will bring back Ace.



He has the ability to mimic the moves of other Street Fighter characters, including some of the characters which did not appear in the SFEX series like the Killer Bee Assault from Cammy White or the Healing of Elena from Street Fighter III.

He / the player has to solve series of trials in the character edit mode of SFEX3 and can buy those moves as a reward for doing so. This includes a few original moves as well, even some from Fighting Layer and the original Street Fighter EX but the majority of available moves are from other characters in SFEX3. 


Background story & Trivia

His short back story mentioned that he is a government agent. ordered to find info about a secret weapon developed in an underground base. Its also states that he is the final model (Clone?) of the “Cycloid” series which makes him able to learn the moves of other characters.

In his ending, he is asked to “install” newly analyzed data into his body.



Character Overview of Ace from the Street Fighter EX3

Character Name / Aliases: Ace
Gameseries: Street Fighter EX
First Game: Street Fighter EX3
Last Game: “”
Developed /Created by: Arika
First seen in: Playstation 2
Year first seen in: 2000
Usual Character Role: Fighting Game Character, Mimic Type Character
Martial Arts / Fighting Style Movesets with moves from other characters, including some that are original in SFEX3
Nationality: ?
Additional Tags: Clone, Government Agent
Similar Characters: Mokujin, Combot
Anything else: Voiced by Yuji Machi
  Height 182 cm, Weight 83 kg


Official Game Art like Illustrations and Concept Art of Ace from SFEX3

Street Fighter V “Shadaloo DB” Art (2016)

Street Fighter EX3 (2000)


SFEX3 Ace Render

This image of Ace is floating around on the Internet since years now and on many websites, but it’s NOT an official illustration, indeed it is a head swap /manipulated image from the fighting game Daraku Tenshi made by the artist Haiji Mibu.


Screenshots of Ace from Street Fighter EX3:

Ace Street Fighter EX3 Screen

Ace Wins


Mirror Match 

Ace SFEX 3 Ending


Ace from SFEX3 in Game-Art-HQ Art Collaborations

Ace SF Tribute by SuperEdco

Ace SFEX3 SF Tribute by_alan_mcmillian

Ace is featured in our ongoing Street Fighter Anniversary Art Tribute and was drawn twice for it back in 2012. There are only very few illustrations made by fans/gamers for this character obviously and Ace was one of the last available characters in the Game Art HQ Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tribute in 2012, both submissions made for it are showing a lot of dedication, however!


Selected Fan Art of Ace from Street Fighter EX3

Ace SFEX3 art by Fredrik Mattsson

by Fredrik Mattsson



Ace SFEX by Osmar de Carvalho

by Osmar de Carvalho

The sketch card Ace illustration by Fredrik Mattsson who is a big supporter of GA-HQ is part of a big SFEX series fan arts drawn with traditional tools.

Osmar de Carvalho is one of the artists who participated in our SF tribute in 2012 as well with one of the two Birdie illustrations!


What I think about Ace. the Mimic Character from Street Fighter EX3

Hmmm..there are pretty cool Mimic characters like Mokujin (Tekken Series) who had no own moves but still some sort of personality or other gimmicks through their story or visual designs  but when it comes to Ace from Street Fighter EX3 I agree with Frank from Fighter’s Generation who thinks that Ace might have been a thrown-in character for the edit mode of the game. The selectable moves, however, are something really cool since some of them are not from other SFEX characters and can make Ace a really unique character in the game when it comes to the play style at least.

I wonder how fleshed out he would have been in an SFEX4, his visual design would really need an update though.

Review / Opinion by the GA-HQ Admin Reinhold Hoffmann



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