It’s not a fart! Vrrr..vrrr…rr.. that’s the sound of an engine!

 – Abigail in Street Fighter V


Abigail’s Game History

Abigail debuted as a playable character in Street Fighter V (2016) after he was revealed to be the 4th Season 2 character of the game on July 2017. He is a lot “older” however and could be seen as part of the Mad Gear Hideout Stage in Street Fighter X Tekken (2012) & Ultra Street Fighter IV (2014) and also in Guy’s Metro City Stage from Street Fighter Alpha 2 (1996).

Abigail’s video game debut, however, was in the classic Final Fight from 1989 where he is the Boss of the Bay Area which is the 2nd last stage in the game. His first cameo appearance was in the Japan-exclusive Arcade Quiz game Adventure Quiz: Capcom World 2 in 1992. 


Background / Trivia

Abigail is a former Mad Gear Gang member who was beaten by Guy after he wanted him to cool down and mentioned that his boss Belger would have a good time with Jessica, the kidnapped daughter of Mike Haggar. In Street Fighter V, he is still a friend of some of the former Mad Gear members like J, Axl, and Roxy. He became a mechanic who is kinda obsessed with cars but is still angered easily and starts one fight after another without a real reason in his “Fierce Beast” called Story in SFV.  He is also an “all muscle, no brains” stereotype character now. 

Abigail is the largest character in the Final Fight and Street Fighter series currently. He was already large in Final Fight, but the developers gave him a big character design update in SFV to make him a true giant. His skin color was also changed for reasons unknown, as a fun fact, his “old” color is still dark in his Street Fighter V “Shadaloo CRI” artwork released in 2016.



Abigail is not using a specific martial art style, and his moveset is just described as “Violent” by Capcom. The most of his moves are performed through the advantages of his giant body and strength. He can hurt his opponents even with a small jab with one of his fingers. 

He is one of the most powerful characters in Street Fighter V, but also the slowest. An aggressive playstyle makes sense, it is difficult to jump above many projectiles with Abigail. Some of his moves like the Nitro Charge are very useful to confront an opponent who tries to get away. 


Character Overview of Abigail from Final Fight & Street Fighter

Character Name / Aliases: Abigail
Gameseries: Final Fight, Street Fighter & Crossover Games
First Game: Final Fight
Last Game: Street Fighter V on July 25. 2017
Developed /Created by: Capcom
First seen in: Arcades
Year first seen in: 1989
Usual Character Role: Stage Boss, Fighting Game Character
Fighting Style: “Violent”
Birthplace: Canada
Additional Tags:  
Anything else: Loves Death Metal and Bananas
Height & Weight Height 244 cm, Weight 265 kg
Voiced by  Ryota Takeuchi (Japan) & Xander Mobus (English) in SFV



Official Game Art like Illustrations and Concept Art of Abigail

Street Fighter V (2017)

SFV Shadaloo CRI Art (2016)

Final Fight CD (1993)

Final Fight (1989)

Additional In-Game Art of Abigail via Screenshots taken from Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V Route Arcade Ending

Street Fighter I Route Arcade Ending






Musical Themes of Abigail

Abigail Street Fighter V Theme

Abigail Final Fight Bay Area Stage Music


Abigail from Final Fight or Street Fighter drawn for the Game-Art-HQ Video Game Character Database

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Selected Fan Art and Cosplay of Abigail from Final Fight & Street Fighter

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