Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Beauty is one of the playable Gods in the third person MOBA Game SMITE for the PC and Xbone. She was released in March. 2013 as one of the first characters.

Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of Beauty, Love and Pleasure. In SMITE she can choose a soul mate who will get buffs like enhanced speed. Aphrodite can also summon a flock of doves which can harm her enemies in the distance among other abilities.

Aphrodite from SMITE on Game-Art-HQ

Aphrodite from the SMITE MOBA Game: an Overview

Charactername: Aphrodite the Goddess of Beauty
  Developed /Created by Hi-Rez Studios
Gameseries: SMITE   First seen on: PC
First Game: “”   Year first seen in: March 2013
Last Game: “”   Birthplace:  
Role(s) and Characteristics: Playable MOBA Character / Champion   Weapons or Martial Arts Style: Rod
Additional Tags: Based on Mayan Mythology   Similar Characters:  
Has Relations to:     See also:  


Official Lore of Aphrodite the Goddess of Beauty in SMITE:

There are too few words to describe the radiance, the magnificence, the inequitable glory of Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty. So wondrous is she to behold that one look can inspire tears, desire, jealousy, and love. Yet, beneath her flawless exterior resides a heart burdened with insecurity.

Inattentive and hideous to look upon, her husband, Hephaestus, unknowingly leaves Aphrodite feeling lonely and worthless. She finds consolation in the arms of other men such as Ares, or validation by competing in any contest of beauty she encounters.

At a wedding attended by all the Gods, a golden apple appeared, inscribed with the words “to the fairest.” Immediately Aphrodite, her mother Hera, and sister Athena quarreled over it. Zeus elected Paris, Prince of Troy, to choose a victor. In exchange for being named the fairest, Aphrodite offered any woman in the world as his wife, so Paris agreed. However, he chose Helen as his wife, and their love began the catastrophic Trojan War.

Now, a new war brews, but this one between Gods, not men. While the battlefield is no place for the fairest of all, Aphrodite recalls the destruction between the Greeks and Trojans. Perhaps, this time, her beauty can be used to stop a war instead of start one. Perhaps, this time, she will discover the beauty within.


Official Game Art like promotional Illustrations of Aphrodite the Goddess of Beauty

Aphrodite SMITE Default Skin Art

Default Aphrodite Skin (March 2013)

Aphrodite Majestrix Skin SMITE

Aphrodite Majestrix Skin (March 2013)


Afro-dite Skin (June 2013)

Aphrodite from SMITE Gold Skin Art Card

Aphrodite Gold Skin (Feb. 2016)

Aphrodite SMITE Reveal Trailer Art

Aphrodite in her God Reveal Trailer

Aphrodite from SMITE on Game-Art-HQ

Render of Aphrodite in her In-Game Default Model



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Selected Fan Art and Cosplay Photos of Aphrodite

Aphrodite SMITE Skin Concept Aquadite Art

Aphrodite “Aquadite” Skin Concept

by Jaggudada




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