“I could never lose to the likes of you!”


Abelia’s Game History:

Abelia Schillfelt is an unlockable character in SoulCalibur III released in 2005 on the Playstation 2.

She is one of the protagonists in the Chronicles of the Sword mode and can be unlocked through beating chapter 18 of the mode or to play 1050 matches in general.

Abelia also makes appearances in SoulCalibur IV and SoulCalibur Broken Destiny as a Create A Soul Character though, using Cassandra’s Moves there. She did not return in other sequels so far.


Abelia was born in the Grandall Empire, her father was an officer. Abelia joined the Military Academy where she trained under Girardot and was fast respected for her good fighting skills.

When a war emerged in the Grandall Empire, she was sent to fight alongside the cadet (the player of the Chronicles of the Sword mode) and swears to protect her homeland.

Together with the cadet and his whole team, she fights against the Empire of Dalkia.

Many years later, when Dalkia was no more, her former teacher Girardot rebelled against the Grandall Empire, and Abelia chooses to fight him. At the end of the game, the player has to fight Abelia and defeat her. After her defeat, Abelia finally decided to join the rebellion.


She uses and represents the Sword and Shield discipline from the Create-A-Fighter mode and is a pretty balanced fighter. Some of her moves were directly copied or just slightly altered from Link, one of the exclusive guest characters in SoulCalibur II


Abelia is completely designed with items from the Create-A-Fighter mode. 



Character Overview of Abelia Schillfelt from SoulCalibur III

Character Name / Aliases: Abelia Schillfelt
Gameseries: SoulCalibur
First Game: SoulCalibur III
Last Game: SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny
Developed /Created by: Namco
First seen in: Playstation 2
Year first seen in: 2005
Usual Character Role: Fighting Game Character
Weapons: Sword & Shield
(Fictional) Nationality: Parousia, Grandall Empire
Additional Tags: Blonde, Curly Hair
Relations: Girardot (Teacher)
Anything else: Voiced by Yuki Makishima & Carrie Savage
  Height 167cm), Weight 58 kg


Official Game Art of Abelia Schillfelt:

Abelia Wallpaper Soul Calibur III Small

Official Abelia Schillfelt Wallpaper

Abelia Schillfelt SoulCalibur III

Official Art of Abelia Schillfelt from SCII


Screenshots of Abelia Schillfelt in SoulCalibur III:


Abelia in the VS Screen

Abelia Schillfelt SCIII Screenshot

One of the Abelia Schillfelt Battle Intros


Sorry, we don’t have any fan-art or even cosplays of Abelia so far, who knows maybe that will change ^^




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