Sexy Foxy Ahri Fan Art by_artgerm

Ahri, the Nine Tailed Fox Champion from League of Legends was revealed in September 2011 as a new character for the game. Ahri is going to be one of the playable characters in the Project L fighting game as well. 

She gained a lot popularity, due to her beautiful design and her fun play style and is one of the most popular LOL characters today.

She shares the Nine Tailed Fox origins with the popular anime and manga character Naruto.


This gallery will most likely be filled with the few official images of Ahri and many superb looking fan art and cosplay images for her, the start was made by the Ahri “Foxy Girl” illustration by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau


Ahri The Nine Tailed Fox from the League of Legends: an Overview

Charactername: Ahri The Nine Tailed Fox   Developed /Created by Riot Games
Gameseries: League of Legends   First seen on:  PC
First Game:  “”   Year first seen in: 2011
Last Game: Project L (2024?)   Nationality:  ~
Role(s) and Characteristics:  LoL Champion,   Weapons or Martial Arts Style:  ~
Additional Tags:  The Nine Tailed Fox,   Similar Characters:  
Has Relations to: Wukong (Friend)   See also: Ahri on


The Official “Splash” Artworks of Ahri in her so far three skins:

Ahri Classic Skin Splash Art

Classic Splash Art (2048x1164px)

Ahri LOL Classic Skin

The classic Splash art during Ahri’s development



 Her in-Game Models

Classic Ahri League of Legends Skin Model

Ahri Classic Model

Dynasty Ahri League of Legends Skin Model

Ahri Dynasty Skin

Midnight Ahri League of Legends Skin Model

Ahri Midnight Skin



Selected and featured Fan Art of Ahri

Ahri LoL Portrait Art

Ahri Portrait Art

by MagicnaAnavi

Ahri League of Legends Art by_jennduongAhri

by Jennifer Duong


Sexy Foxy Ahri Fan Art by_artgerm

by Artgerm

Ahri LoL Kitsune Skin by_nyaruko

by Nyaruku

Ahri league_of_legends_by_eddy_shinjuku

by Eddy Shinjuku

Ahri Fan Art by_glass_owl

by Glass-Owl

Ahri from League of Legends Art by_snellsnail

by SnellSnail

Ahri - the Nine-Tailed Fox  by_darkness_fallen

by Fallen-Darkness