Adelheid Bernstein and Rose

Adelheid Bernstein is the only known son of Rugal Bernstein, Boss of The King of Fighters `94 and `95 and also in the “Dream Match” KOF`s `98 and 2002

He is also called Adel and has a sister named Rose which wasn’t a playable character in any KOF so far.

While KOF creators stated he would be the “other” protagonist of the Ash Saga KOF games (KOF 2003-KOF XIII) he was only an unlockable boss character in KOF 2003 and KOF XI and makes only story mode appearances in KOF XIII via Cutscenes

While his father Rugal was ruthless, Adelheid is an honorable fighter who respects his opponents and doesn’t use cheap tactics to win. Adelheid also doesn’t search Ultimate Power.

His fighting style is very similar to his father`s but faster and he has more moves that can be chained to powerful combinations. Overall his moves are notable weaker in strength and priority though.

Adelheid made cameo appearances in KOF`94 Re-Bout and KOF Maximum Impact 2 he was also an NPC character in the ninth Days of Memories dating sim.


Adelheid Bernstein from the King of Fighters Games: an Overview

Charactername: Adelheid Bernstein   Developed /Created by SNK
Gameseries:  King of Fighters   First seen in: Arcades
First Game:  King of Fighters 2003   Year first seen in:  2003
Last Game:  Kimi Wa Hero (2017)   Nationality: German
Role(s) and Characteristics: Mid-Boss, Unlockable Fighting Game Character , Protagonist,   Weapons or Martial Arts Style: No specific Style
Additional Tags: Son of a Boss,   Similar Characters: Rugal Bernstein (Playstyle)
Has Relations to:

Rugal Bernstein (His Father)

Rose Bernstein (His Sister)

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Official Art and Illustrations of Adelheid Bernstein

Adelheid KOFXI Art

Adelheid Illustration

King of Fighters XI (2005)

Adelheid and Rose KOF2k3

Adelheid & Rose

King of Fighters 2003

Adelheid Bernstein King of Fighters 2003 Concept Art

Concept Art for Adelheid Bernstein

in the King of Fighters 2003


Adelheid bernstein KOF XI Portrait

Adelheid, KOF XI Character Select Portrait


This is a gallery of official game art related to the King of Fighters (KOF) character Adelheid Bernstein, who was introduced in The King of Fighters 2003 and returned so far in KOF XI

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Adelheid KOF XIII Story Render

Adelheid in the KOF XIII Story Mode

Adelheid King of Fighters Unused Lineart

Unused Adelheid KOF XIII Lineart

Adelheid Bernstein KOF XIII Win Pose Lineart Unused

Unused Adelheid Win Portrait for KOFXIII

Adelheid KOF 2003 Portrait

Adelheid KOF 2k3 Portrait

Adel and Rose King of Fighters 2k3 Cutscene

Adelheid and Rose in a KOF 2003 Cutscene



adelheid 2003 stand stance animation

Adelheid Bernstein KOF XI Winning Adelheid Bernstein KOF 2003 Winning

Sky Noah KOF2003 Stage Background of Adelheid

The Skynoah, Adels Stage in the King of Fighters 2003, it was remade for the console versions of King of Fighters XIII


Games Adelheid appeared in Official Game Art Game Art by Fans
King of Fighters 2003 Over 40 Character Renders and more
King of Fighters XI Over 45 Character Renders
Card Fighters Clash DS
King of Fighters XIII (Story Mode)

36 Character Renders

23 Artworks from the Console version


Other Video Game Characters Adelheid Bernstein is related with:

Rivals / Enemies Partners / Friends / Family
Unclear Relationship
“Those from the past” Rugal Bernstein (Father) Kyo Kusanagi
  Rose Bernstein (Sister) Iori Yagami
  Heidern Ash Crimson


Adelheid bernstein KOF XI Portrait