Abyss – The Armor of Erosion and evil source of a mysterious wind that lets all plantlife dying on earth.

Abyss is the main antagonist of Marvel vs Capcom 2 and till today one of the very few unplayable characters in fighting games by Capcom.

In MVC2 the big feature was to be able to choose a team of three characters which can all participate in a fight through tag moves and even team moves. Capcom developed a boss which would use three different forms instead of fighting one giant boss or a team.

Abyss uses various attacks similar to the attacks of other characters in his forms beside unique own ones. In his second form, he can use a green beam similar to the Iron Man beam as an example, or Venom’s “Venom Bite” in his final form.

Interesting in the last battle is, that you can actually see and fight his true form which is a big orb flying around the stage, hitting it with beat attacks can make the last battle the easiest one actually while his 2nd form can be really annoying.

Abyss was never seen again after MVC2 and it is quite doubtable we see this pretty unique game character in a new game.

Sadly nothing is known about his development and beside a little vs. image, there seems to be no kind of official art/illustrations of Abyss.

Character Overview of Abyss from Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Character Name / Aliases: Abyss
Gameseries: Marvel vs. Capcom
First Game: Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Last Game: “”
Developed /Created by: Capcom
First seen in: Arcades
Year first seen in:  2000
Usual Character Role: Fighting Game Boss
Additional Tags: Has 3 forms to fight
Relations: ?
Anything else:  
Voiced by Kan Tokumaru

 The three different forms of Abyss:

Abyss MVC2 1st Form Animation

First Form

Abyss MVC2 2nd Form Animation

Second Form

Abyss MVC2 3rd Form Animation

Third Form



Abyss is a part of the Fighting Game Boss Tribute Round I




Selected Fan Art of Abyss from Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Abyss MVC2 by Sam Filstrup

by Sam Filstrup

Abyss Marvel vs Capcom 2 by Tony Nguyen

by Tony Nguyen

Abyss Marvel vs Capcom 2 Art

by ???



Opinions about Abyss from MVC2 by Game-Art-HQ Members:

When I bought Marvel vs Capcom back in the year 2000 for the Sega Dreamcast ..even imported it from Japan (just to find out that I can’t unlock all characters without using a Japanese VMU Savefile)

and played it for the first time, defeated all CPU controlled teams and was confronted with that new boss named Abyss ..and defeated his first form easily I thought hmm…Apocalypse was a ton more difficult ..just to see Abyss changing into that green slime guy who, all of a sudden uses stronger special moves and beat me in no time. At the second attempt, I beat that version and was ready to see the ending just to be confronted with that giant lava beast! Again I was defeated, not knowing that it would be easy to use Cable and his beams to get rid of the final form of Abyss. After I learned that lesson, Abyss became a quite easy boss.

I always found his design pretty cool and the idea of a fighting game boss who would change during the battles was done with Shang Tsung in MK already, but very different forms after each round was something new and pretty cool at that time. I hoped he would be back in some form in Marvel vs Capcom 3 but it seems Capcom forgot about Abyss totally.

Review by the GA-HQ Admin Reinhold “GBK” Hoffmann


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