Awilix from SMITE

Awilix, the Goddess of the Moon is one of the playable Gods in the third person MOBA Game SMITE. She was released on December 17. 2014.

Awelix is based on the Mayan Goddess of the Moon and Night. In SMITE she can summon and ride on her Panther Suku which gives her a much bigger movement speed or can attack Awilix opponents.

Awilix from the SMITE MOBA Game: an Overview

Charactername: Awilix the Goddess of the Moon   Developed /Created by Hi-Rez Studios
Gameseries: SMITE   First seen on: PC
First Game:  “”   Year first seen in: December 2014
Last Game:  “”   Birthplace:  
Role(s) and Characteristics: Playable MOBA Character / Champion   Weapons or Martial Arts Style: Javelin
Additional Tags: Based on Mayan Mythology   Similar Characters:  
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Official Lore of Awilix, the Goddess of the Moon in SMITE:

Pale white shines the light from her sentinel high above Earth. She watches, the eye that pierces shadow, and listens with the ears of birds and beasts that use the darkness to hunt and revel. As Queen of the Night, she is known; the Goddess of the Moon, Awilix.

They say the sun is her lover, and from his light does she shine, but those that say so have never beheld her. Left unrestrained, the sun burns skin, scorches the land, blinds the eyes. Moonlight does no such thing. Like soft white petals it blankets the night, casting the world into mystical illumination. Never has it brought calamity or ruin, only the chance to see where once there was none. She is no different. Her mysterious radiance needs no other to shine.

These days, the night is less welcoming. Those loyal followers, the jaguars, whose whispered roars bellow into the silence of her domain, prowl at her command. While it is, no doubt, beyond the understanding of mortals, the very moonlight is threatened. A war unlike any before it would end all things. For once that pale white will glimmer on the ugliness of bloodshed, for the night belongs to Awilix.



Official Game Art like promotional Illustrations of Awilix: Goddess of the Moon

Awilix  Goddess of the Moon SMITE Official Art

Default Awilix Skin (SMITE, December 2014)

Awilix Smite Blood Moon Skin Art

Awilix Blood Moon Skin (SMITE, December 2014)

Awilix Golden Skin from SMITE

Awilix Golden Skin (February 2015)


Awilix Smite Trailer Art

Awilix in her God Reveal Trailer



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