The Game History of Abyss from SoulCalibur III

Abyss is usually the final boss character in SoulCalibur III (2005) and can be unlocked to become playable as one of the last characters in the game.

In SoulCalibur IV it’s possible to unlock his weapon the Ircalla death scythe, and also costume parts which look similar to him, in SoulCalibur VI, Zasalamel gains Abyss exclusive attacks during his Soul Charge and also references Abyss. However, Abyss was not available as a character anymore though after SoulCalibur III.

Background Story / Trivia

He starts to exist when Zasalamel, one of the new characters in SCIII merged and absorbed the powers of the magical swords SoulCalibur and SoulEdge with the purpose to end his own immortality finally. After he is defeated by Siegfried and Nightmare, he returns as Zasalamel, his deathwish was not granted. 


Abyss uses mainly the fighting style of Zasalamel but got a handful of additional and very powerful special moves which make him more powerful than the most other characters in SCIII. He has many Mid and Long-range attacks while he lacks in the close range. This can be dangerous for Abyss players since he draws his opponent to him through many attacks actually.



Character Overview of Abyss from SoulCalibur 

Character Name / Aliases: Abyss
Gameseries: SoulCalibur
First Game: SoulCalibur III
Last Game: “”
Developed /Created by: Namco
First seen in: Playstation 2
Year first seen in: 2005
Usual Character Role: Fighting Game Boss Character
Weapon: A Scythe with the name Irkalla
Nationality: Unknown
Additional Tags:  
Relations: Zasalamel (Abyss is kinda like his Alter Ego)
Anything else: Voiced by Hiroshi Tsuchida & Keith Silverstein


Official Art by Namco of Abyss including Concept Art of unused designs for him


Official Render of Abyss by Namco

 Abyss SoulCalibur Concept Art


Official Wallpaper of Abyss

Only a really few artworks about Abyss were published by Namco.

In SoulCalibur III its possible to unlock these two pages of concept sketches/designs for Abyss which were never used for him in the actual game.

Abyss SoulCalibur Concept Art 2 

Abyss and Olcadan SoulCalibur III Art

Note: Most of the official art shown here, like the Abyss & Olcadan Illustration was made available through screenshots I made while playing SoulCalibur III with the Playstation 2 Emulator.

 Screenshots of Abyss

Abyss SoulCalibur III Screenshot

Abyss vs Sophitia

Abyss SoulCalibur III Screenshot

Abyss Battle Demo





Abyss from SoulCalibur in Game-Art-HQ Art Collaborations

Abyss SCIII Boss by Kergran

  Abyss was featured in our Fighting Game  Boss Tribute art collaboration and was drawn three times for it so far.


Selected Fan Art of Abyss from SoulCalibur

Abyss SoulCalibur III by_CerberusLives

Abyss by CerberusLives



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