Alba Meira is one of the two new main protagonists in the King of Fighters Maximum Impact games by SNK.

He was not seen in any other KOF games now since 2007  (2009 if the Maximum Impact Pachinko Games would count too) and it seems it will stay that way with him being designed by Falcoon who is no longer working for SNK.

Alba had a quite cool fighting style including Chinese Boxing and very powerful looking super moves. It looked like he would be the main protagonist in a third Maximum Impact game and chasing the guys who probably took his brother.

While he is from South Town, a fictional city in the USA, he was born in Germany.

There are some secrets about this guy which will most likely never be uncovered.

Alba-Meira-Alba Meira in KOF MI2 Win Pose


Alba Meira from the  King of Fighters – Maximum Impact Games: an Overview

Charactername: Alba Meira   Developed /Created by SNK
Gameseries:  KOF MI   First seen on: Playstation 2
First Game:  King of Fighters Maximum Impact   Year first seen in: 2004
Last Game:  King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2: Regulation A   Birthplace: Germany
Role(s) and Characteristics: Protagonist in a Fighting Game   Weapons or Martial Arts Style: Combination of different Martial Art Styles
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Has Relations to:  Soiree Meira (Brother)   See also: Alba Meira in the SNK Wiki


Original Art of Alba Meira and Screenshots of him and all his costumes in The King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2

King Of Fighters Maximum Impact 2 Official Render Artwork Alba MeiraAlba Meira KOF MI2 Loading ScreenAlba Meira Alternate KOF MI2

King Of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2 (2006)

King Of Fighters: Maximum Impact (2004)

Screenshots of Alba Meira in KOF MI2:

Alba-and-Soiree-Meira  Alba-Meira-KOF  Alba-Meira-Screenshot-
Alba-Meira-King-of-Fighters  Alba Meira Face  Sad-Alba


Alba Meira Concept Art Alba_Meira Costume Concept Art

Official Concept Art of Alba Meira’s costumes


All the costumes and their color variations of Alba Meira in KOF Maximum Impact 2 / KOF 2006:


Normal A


Normal B


Normal C


Normal D


Normal E


 Normal F


Normal G


Normal H


Another A


Another B


Another C


Another D


Another E


Another F


Another G


Another H

Alba Meira 

Alba Meira in Game-Art-HQ / FGE Art Collaborations

Alba Meira Portrait Game Art for FGE Project

Alba Meira will most likely be a part of our upcoming Art Tribute to the 20th Anniversary of KOF but he was also drawn already for our FGE Project. A big initiative to get more and more different fighting game characters drawn by fans, including popular and also unknown game characters.

Alba Meira was drawn for this project by Ed Moffatt



Other Selected Fan Art and Redesigns of Alba Meira: 

Alba Meira Redesign Art by Digitalninja Alba Meira Concept Art by DigitalNinja

Robbie “DigitalNinja” Reilly worked and works on a giant series of redesigns of King of Fighter characters, he had some concepts for these designs of Alba Meira back in 2012 already.


Alba Meira by Hélène Alonso



Cosplay of Alba Meira

Alba Meira Cosplay by_zenakukumaAlba Meira Cosplay

by ZenakuKuma