Twenty Years are not a long time in general, but in the Video Game Business they defined multiple console generations.

Around twenty years ago, the new Playstation console by Sony, also called PSX at the time was released in Japan. After cancelling all plans for a console developed  with Nintendo, Sony created their own Brand of gaming platforms which is very successful till today and delivered us gamers worldwide a giant ton of games.

We, the Game-Art-HQ Community want to celebrate the Anniversary of the Playstation with a tribute to over 40 Playstation games which were released during 1995 and 2002. You will find many popular games in this art collaboration like Crash Bandicoot, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy and Tekken of course, but the community members were totally free to choose what Playstation game they wanted to illustrate for the 20th Anniversary of the Playstation!

Have fun discovering a few games you maybe never heard about before as well in our Tribute to the PSX!

Playstation PSX



December 1994-1995


The Playstation was released on the 3rd December 1994 in Japan, almost a year later it launched in the USA and Europe. The first big hits for it were Ridge Racer with its almost 1:1 port. Later games like Battle Arena Toshinden, WipeOut, Destruction Derby, Tekken and Rayman helped to make the PSX a successful new video game platform worldwide.

But 1995 was only the start for one of the most successful game platforms till today, in the following years it got hundreds of games.

Loaded Playstation Cover PSX Tribute


Tekken PSX Tribute Cover




While a few development studios were able to create nice 3D based worlds already and understood how to use the third dimension for game genres which were purely in 2D before, 1996 was the “break-out” year I believe for both the Playstation and 3D games in general.

Games like Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64, Crash Bandicoot on the Playstation and of course Tomb Raider on both the PSX and the Sega Saturn showed how the third dimention can change platform action completely.

The Playstation got its first sequels already with Ridge Racer Revolution and Tekken 2, but also new series like Resident Evil emerged which moved the players into a world of survival horror never seen before.


Crash Bandicoot

Resident Evil PSX Tribute Cover Art

Resident Evil


SoulEdge / Blade

Tomb Raider PSX Tribute Cover Art

Tomb Raider




1997 started with a truly bombastic game and a bombing mission on the Playstation with Final Fantasy VII, the big story about Cloud, Sephiroth and a planet in pain was not only the first Final Fantasy released in Europe but also one of the most successful JRPG’s till today.

The Playstation got around 300 different games in this year on the western markets, many of them evolved into own series with a few of them like the Oddworld Inhabitants Series being a part of the industry even today.


Abe’s Oddysee

Breath of Fire III PSX Cover Art

Breath of Fire III

Fighting Force PSX Cover

Fighting Force

Final Fantasy VII PSX Tribute Cover Art

Final Fantasy VII


Final Fantasy Tactics



Kowloon's Gate PSX Cover

Kowloon’s Gate

Monster Rancher PSX Tribute Cover Art

Monster Rancher

Street Fighter EX Cover

Street Fighter EX +@

Tomb-Raider-II-PSX-Tribute-Cover Art

Tomb Raider II

Tomba! PSX Tribute Cover Art





In 1998, developers really knew how to handle 3D graphics and the capabilities of the Sony Playstation, the games looked better than ever on the years old system and showed how difficult it was in previous years to adapt the third dimension to classic game genres.

Metal gear Solid was released and became one of the most popular PSX games in that year, Tekken 3 marked a new peak for 3D fighting games, Bust A Groove combined rhythm, fast button pressing , dancing and elements from fighting games to a super fun experience and games like Spyro the Dragon showed that real 3D Platformers won’t be exclusive to the Nintendo 64. Gran Turismo was sadly not taken by anyone of the Game-Art-HQ Community while it was one of the most important racing games of the time and influences other racing games till today.


Brave Fencer Musashi


Bust A Groove


Metal Gear Solid

Need For Speed 3 PSX Tribute Cover

Need for Speed III

Resident Evil 2 Cover PSX

Resident Evil 2

Spyro the Dragon Cover PSX

Spyro the Dragon

Suikoden II PSX Tribute Cover Art

Suikoden II


Tekken 3



Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

Xenogears PSX Cover






The first details about the Playstation 2, the Nintendo “Dolphin” arrived somewhen around 1999 and the Sega Dreamcast got released outside Japan in September.

The aged Playstation however got still a giant support by third-party developers around the globe which created sequels for their series which went big on the system, spinoffs like Crash Team Racing or used their knowledge from previous experiences with the hardware to develope completely new games which would use the technology in more advanced ways than before like Silent Hill demonstrated.

The new Dualshock Controller by Sony with its analog sticks got a game which was not playable without it with Ape Escape. Square delivered probably one of the most beautiful 2D games of the 32 Bit Era with Legend of Mana while games like Soul Reaver demonstrated a step forward for 3D architectures in video games.


Ape Escape


Bloody Roar II

Chocobo Racing PSX Cover

Chocobo Racing

Crash Team Racing Cover

Crash Team Racing

Final Fantasy VIII PSX Tribute Cover Art

Final Fantasy VIII



Legend of Dragoon Front Cover PSX

Legend of Dragoon

Legend of Mana PSX Tribute Cover Art

Legend of Mana

SaGa-Frontier-2 PSX Tribute

SaGa Frontier 2


Silent Hill

Soul Reaver Playstation Anniversary

Soul Reaver


Valkyrie Profile




Everything comes to an end and with the Playstation 2, Gamecube, Xbox and for a small part the Dreamcast replacing the older consoles only a few more big highlights were developed for the PSX.

Final Fantasy IX is unforgotten as one of the last big Playstation games while Fifa Soccer 2005 in October 2004 was the last PSX game.


Vagrant Story

007 The World is Not Enough psx cover


 Bust A Groove PSX Tribute Cover Art

Bust A Groove 2

Final Fantasy IX PSX Tribute

Final Fantasy IX



Today in 2014/5, the first Sony Playstation and the most games for it are completely outdated when it comes to the raw specs of  the technology and how video games are looking today.

Many of the games however continue to life on through sequels and sometimes even remakes, and many of them are available through services like PSN. All of the games which were drawn for this art collaboration by members of our community are something special. We hope our little Tribute to the PSX and its games makes some of you remember them or to try them out for the first time.

Thank you for viewing and thanks a ton @ everyone responsible for the creation of the Playstation!