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The Legend of Dragoon is one of these games which were developed in Japan (directly by Sony Japan) but were more successful in the USA than in its birthland somehow.

LoD is a JRPG with an epic story and interesting characters, it had good visuals and a nice soundtrack as well and was really well received outside Japan while it got review scores among 7-8 mostly (lower than Final Fantasy of course)

This game was released for PSN in 2012 and was one of the top-selling psOne games for over 5 months.

Both fans and media outlets like GamesRadar wondered often why there was never a sequel for Legend of Dragoon.

Legend of Dragoon Front Cover PSX

 Legend of Dragoon PSX Tribute featuring Shana on Game-Art-HQ

The Legend of Dragoon: Shana by Cronoan

The Playstation era was a really great time to be a gamer. Developers started really testing the limits of what video games could do, and the Playstation was the perfect platform for it. Some of my fondest video game memories are from Playstation games. Many of the most beloved classics still treasured by gamers came out of the Playstation generation, and The Legend of Dragoon is no exception. This was my first ever JRPG, and with its hand painted backgrounds, awesome music, and epic story it sucked me in deep and really never let me go.

It told a massive tale involving 11,000 years of history, and it weaves you into this world of monsters and heroes and makes you feel invincible. It’s one of those stories that once you finally finish it you just kind of sit there in a daze for awhile with your mind blown.


The Legend of Dragoon: Black Monster

by Laura Galli


The PSX console has been my first gaming console- needless to say, not only I had fun with it, but it also gifted me with a huge range of emotions. I wandered around and defeated fierce monsters with Spyro the Dragon, I feared the dark with Silent Hill, I found out ancient mysteries with Tomb Raider— Legend of Dragoon gifted me with wonders, surprises, sadness, happiness, tenderness.

From its mysterious beginning to the bittersweet ending, it left me breathless from the emotions. What will happen next? Will I rescue the lady? Will I encounter other Dragons? Who will join my team next?
My bigger question about the game turned around the Black Monster. When I found out its true identity, it really blew my mind off, surprising me, making me think, “oh, I knew it!” and at the same time “how could that be?”.
In that moment, LoD passed from being a simple game, to becoming special. It will always have a special spot in my heart, as will the old, good, PSX.

Legend of Dragoon Art Tribute on Game-Art-HQ Playstation Anniversary

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